Transport safety, walking, cycling, construction, maintenance, or

Transport in Akaki Kaliti Condominium

transport system in Akaki Kaliti housing program has not been established in a
mode that could accommodate standardize roads (e.g., underground, surface, and
overhead) and reduce the adversely effect of road safety, walking, cycling, construction,
maintenance, or operation.

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of the collector and local streets within the area are observed to be paved
with the Cobblestone, and some are unpaved. 
The paving materials are experienced to be uncomfortable to walk up on,
cycling and for vehicles to run along them. 
Sub Arterial Street and collector streets to be paved with good quality
asphalt material, so that the future increasing number of vehicles and
passengers could move on it comfortably. The proposed local streets should be paved
with a good quality of cobblestone, since major pedestrian mobility is expected
on these roads.


Transportation terminals:

Bus stops:

Akaki Kaliti housing area, there has not been cross-country bus stations,
specifically for passengers who would like to travel from Akaki Kaiti to
Northern Ethiopia. This scenario also true for local transportation pertaining
to bus station. Even though, it is not much near to the specific condominium
area, there is a cross-region bus station to passengers who would like to
travel from Akaki Kaliti to Southern Ethiopia.


Bicycle: There is no road for bicycle.
Despite a poor habit bicycle habit in Ethiopia, when road is constructed in Addis
Ababa, side road for bicycle is not taken into account.


Taxi stops: dwellers in Akaki kaliti dominantly
use taxi for transportation so that even though they are not smart enough,
there are taxi stops that are a little bit far from each building in Akaki


Freight terminals: Currently there is no sufficient formal road freight terminal in the
area. As far as it is an industrial area, space in the industrial areas and
other public institutions compound should be used for this purpose. The absence
of parking for freight vehicles in market areas resulted congestion and
pollution, as the vehicles use the streets for parking, and loading and
unloading cargo.


Car parking: vehicles
are parked on one or both sides of the mail road in Akaki Kaliti that would
increase congestion and inhibit pedestrians walking interest. Parking areas need
to be developed, maintained and managed with parking demand. In addition to
that, the area is expected to set a norm and standard for the car parking
spaces as part of the building design and during reconstruction to provide the
minimum car parking space required.

It would be good to consider the following activities for
better transportation facilities in Akaki Kalit condominium.

Improving land uses and
activities that are incompatible with traffic flow

Planning and provision of
public transport routes;

Planning and provision of
pedestrian and two wheeler routes;

Identifying the effects
of development decisions in and on surrounding areas and roadways within the

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