Trinity U.S. history because in its earlyTrinity U.S. history because in its early

Trinity WashingtonPt.1Quakers- saw no need for a learned ministry. Your beliefs/ scripture is as valid as anyone else’s. Quakers were pacifists and considered all people equal in the sight of the lord. Quakers were harassed by the English authorities. It is significant to U.S. history because in its early movement the practitioners were prosecuted but was able to still spread to America. Bacon’s rebellion- Violent rebellion in the state of Virginia. Everyone wanted an end to special privilege in the government. Bacon died in October of 1676. This event was important to US history because it changed the corrupted government and changed demanding reforms. Indentured servants- indentured servants were servants who basically made and agreement with there “master” stating that I will work for you for a certain amount of years in exchange for transportation to America. This was important because it was one of the main reasons the U.S. population boomed. Seven years war- known in America as the French and Indian war. American Colonists helped the Britain’s win the war and France was knocked out from being on power in the North American Continent Boston Tea Party- Political protest by the sons of liberty in Boston because of the Tea act. They boarded ships and dumped out many gallons of tea because of the tax. This escalated into the American revolution. Bill of rights-  the bill of rights are basically the first ten amendments on putting limitations on what the government can and can not do. Anti- Federalists- Anti federalists were opposed to the ratification of the US constitution. They believe that it granted too much power to the government. They said courts wouldn’t be able to provide justice with it. Shay’s rebellion- this lead to the new writings of the constitution. This rebellion proved how weak the articles of confederation was before the rebellion and showed what needed to be fixed. Tecumseh- was an American Indian leader. He dreamed of colliding all the Indian tribes into one nation. Tecumseh was in an alliance with Britain during the war of 1812. Britain was defeated by America and Tecumseh was killed and the rest of the Indians decided to not be in an alliance anymore War of 1812- United States declared war against Great Britain. Britain tried to restrict Americas trade. The U.S. won the war of 1812Louisiana Purchase- this was an argument over the property of Louisiana between France and the U.S. The U.S. paid over 15 million dollars for that property. Lewis and Clark expedition- explore unknown territory. Another one of their main goals was to find unknown water pathways from the U.S. to the Pacific Ocean. “Era of Good Feeling”- this reflected a period in time where America was in a desire for unity after the war of 1812 Monroe Doctrine- declared that America opposed to European colonialism and that the U.S. would not mess with European Countries.Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo- This treaty added 525,000 square miles to the United StatesKnow-Nothing Party-this was a political organization or believed that immigrants should not have any legal rights and not be able to take office. Seneca Falls Convention-  first women’s convention. They talked about women’s legal, social, civil, and religious rights. Dread Scott case- decided that all slaves could not be a citizen and will always be property. Battle of Gettysburg- was by far the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War. This was also the turning point in the American Civil War. Was important because it stopped the confederates second invasion over the north Emancipation Proclamation-granted freedom to slaves in the confederate states. This was put in by president Abraham Lincoln. Pt. 22) Manifest Destiny was the expansion of the United States that they believed should stretch coast to coast, from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific ocean. Three main ideas that lay behind “Manifest Destiny” was that “God favored American expansion”, “free development”, and ” territorial acquisition”. When O’Sullivan said that God favored this notion he meant that the american expansion would be in good hands of God’s chosen people. “Free development” meant that the more we expanded america the more people would have the opportunity to live in freedom. “Population growth required acquisition” pretty much means that many people will be responsible for territory so America will be well taken care of. The “Manifest Destiny” shaped the growth of the United States by expanding our land and our population. Expanding our land meant expanding our agriculture as well. Some arguments made by people who didn’t agree with the Manifest Destiny were that the United States territory would be too big for the government to rule, that the more territory the more slaves,and that adding more territory would take away some political power in the other states. Not having the government to to help rule all the new territory would leave the U.S. in chaos and that goes along with all the new territory taking away some political power. The way they ruled everything out worked well. Splitting up the states and figuring a way out to make all the states equal when it comes to voting and not giving the government too much power.Jay’ Treaty caused France to treat the US as an unfriendly nation, Quasi War french seize US ships, federalist attempted to crush republicans by branding pro-french. Jay’s treaty ended up fixing problems that had happened in the Treaty of Paris that ended the American Revolutionary War. Put in by Alexander Hamilton i had upset the french and the Americans. There were pro treaty Federalist and Anti- treaty federalists. The Quasi war was fought in the pacific ocean and was considered an undeclared war.