Tr?n lesson in class vivid and attractiveTr?n lesson in class vivid and attractive

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modern world has witnessed a huge development in the field of technology. It
brings dynamic changes and significant impacts on almost every aspect in the
lives of human beings, particularly in education. People has recently applied
various ICT tools such as devices (computers, projectors, smart phones, iPads,
etc.), net-working components (internet, wireless networks, etc.), software and
applications to education, which provides both teachers and students with the
chances to be accustomed to the state-of-the-art technology and interact with
each other in a much more comfortable way. 

it comes to ICT tools in Education, there are numerous tools. However, iSpring
Suit 8 is the software I do want to mention as an essential part in
presenting the lesson in class, and testing students’ competence.


iSpring Suite 8 is
a software for e-learning based on Power Point

This is a very favorable tool for
teachers because of its convenience and user-friendly interface.

It now has improved much with the screen
and audio recording, video lecture making, especially, quiz creating. Moreover,
Suite 8 assists users in creating a highly interactive course for
studying with diverse question types.



Suite 8 is automatically added to the end of the
Power Point taskbar after users download the software. Therefore, it is not
complicated for us swift from Power Point for presentation to iSpring
Suite 8 for making quizzes, screen recording, interaction, stimulation,
adding YouTube clips, flash movie, etc.



Functions and applications in class

Suite 8 has two main functions, which is actually
necessary for users, especially in education field.

of all, presentation function of iSpring
Suite 8 makes the lesson in class vivid and attractive to students. A
very simple reason is that learners prefer learning something colorful and
eye-catching than learning in a traditional way with black board and white chalk.
Moreover, students improve their memories through the pictures, professional transition
effects of slide shows. Since it
is a combined software, which means that iSpring Suite 8 can be considered as
a tool supplement for Power Point in composing the content or creating
interesting effects on slides. For instance, Power Point 2013, it does not
supply the screen recording function, however, we can record screen in an easy
way after installing iSpring Suite 8.

In class, presentation
function of the Power Point helps teachers improve the quality and increase the
liveliness of lessons by adding pictures, icons or music in the slides.

Moreover, it
is also the convenient way for teachers and students to store the lesson
contents in database so that they can learn at any time.

Teachers can
make the lesson through Power Point and add many transition effects to support
the lessons, then upload on the website or send directly to their students.

interface of presentation managing


the testing function, iSpring
Suite 8 has equipped users with eleven different types of questions: true
or false, multiple choice, multiple response, filling in the blank, typing, matching,
sequence, word bank, numeric, matching and hotspot. Teachers can easily design
the test in an appropriate way for their students to carry out the test.
Because the format is user-friendly, teachers can design the test quickly and

making the presentation with power point is now quite familiar to teachers and
students, the function of creating quizzes can be a good supplement of this

: quiz making function

  : screen

 : record audio

: publish (users can publish through wed, CD, video,


is recommended that we should have a saved file before making use of the
functions on the taskbar of iSpring Suite 8 for making quiz.

When finishing designing the test, teachers publish
it as an online file, then send link to test-takers, or send the test through
emails to them. Test-takers can receive results through emails (if register).

Teachers can also add quizzes in their
presentation, which means teachers create the slides and information related to
the lessons in combination with quizzes to check students’ understanding.


quiz making interface

slide view interface

quiz publishing



Advantages and

Suite 8 is quite simple to access and utilize the functions. It makes
the presentation show and test-making seems to be simpler. Teachers can apply
it to compose lesson and play slide shows to teach students in effective ways. Especially,
quiz making is not a concern for teachers anymore, as we can create a wide
selection of questions on computer easily. Furthermore, students can have more
chances to adjust to online testing instead of sitting in traditional tests. It
is stored in a database system, so students can turn back to learn or do quiz
without any trouble.


cannot deny the fact that with the assistance of modern technology, the way to
draw students’ attention to lessons might not be a difficult task. However, we
should have a connection between traditional teaching method and modern one, which
means that teachers play a role in controlling and imparting the knowledge.
Furthermore, those supplement tools should be a useful way in assisting
teachers. Applying almost ICT tools – iSpring Suite 8 in particular, may
cause quite considerable issues. The process of setting up the software might
be troublesome because of the internet connection or the copyright (in case we
install the trial version). Moreover, the price to purchase is expensive, $970
per year for your service and $720 per year for normal use. Teachers who lack
experiences in using ICT tools may deal with difficulties and it is actually
time-consuming for them to learn from the very first step.




conclusion, every software has both advantages and disadvantages in specific
aspects. However, the benefits gained from iSpring Suite 8 overweigh the
drawbacks as well as give users manifold lively lessons to teach and study. The
combination with Power Point makes iSpring Suite 8 become prominent
from other software. In class, teachers can create their own lessons, then instruct
students or even send it to students for studying by themselves. Moreover,
after each important section, teachers make a mini quiz to check student’s
understanding. Students can be sent the files by teachers to learn many times. When
testing their knowledge, teachers can also create an online quiz, send link and
require them to submit (it can be done both at home and in computer room). Teachers
optimize the functions of Power Point and iSpring Suite 8 combination to have
the greatest results in teaching and studying.