Uncertainty There are moments in life whenUncertainty There are moments in life when

Uncertainty is a word I would use to describe my world. The twenty first century is a fast pacing place. Our society changes in the blink of an eye. For example, never in my life would I have believed that Donald Trump would be our president. During his campaign I saw memes, things that mock his credibility. The thought of him holding a position in the federal government was hysterical to me and millions of other Americans. Despite never meeting him we made assumptions about him. These presumptuous ideas sparked from his reputation and of course this reputation was created based off of his actions. As a businessman he was known to be a criminal and a degenerate; as a politician he was known to be a liar and a racist. His actions are what led the majority of the population to say awful things about him. He is a man who said one thing and did another. Our nation knew from the start, that his was a man we could not trust. After All trust is the most important thing in every relationship, especially the relationship of a leader and his people. His untruthful actions not only negatively affected him, but 350 million other people. This reputation makes people think less of him, and less of America. What he failed to realize, like most of us, is how much of an effect his actions have on other people. How he managed to  win his campaign is a different story entirely.So now, What is America left with? A world renowned criminal and liar. Remember, all of these assumptions are made up of his actions, not who he really is. In reality, no one practices what they preach. Every person likes to believe that they are someone who is honest, strong, and moral. To the dismay of the human being, these thoughts mean nothing. The only basis that others have to judge you is your actions. There are moments in life when a true judge of character is brought out. What you do in these moments is what people will think of you. What people think of you has a vast effect on the course of your life.Some would argue, why should I care what people think of me? On some level I agree with them. I think that our society is so fixated on others opinions, asking themselves, “Am I pretty enough? Do I look fat? Etc.” But this question can be interpreted in many different ways. This is not a question of fitting in socially, this goes much deeper than that. This is question of  self reflection. What is the first thought that pops in to a friend, colleague, or family member’s mind when they hear my name? Am I trusted and respected? The answer to my original question (why should I care what people think of me?) comes in the following explanation. People say, ” A job is just a job” but something that you work on for 8 hours a day is obviously much more than that. In fact, people work for 90,000 hours in their entire lifetime. You are dedicating one third of your life into something that is ” just a job “. When pursuing a career, most of us like to think that our career will positively affect the world. But all things considered, any job that is making our world a better place requires a person who has more than just a good resume, but they need to be a good and honest person. The resume is what a person looks like on paper, not their judge of character. That is why when receiving job applications, the employer does some extra digging on its candidates. For example, if candidate A and candidate B both have the same resume, they both went to the same college and got the same grades. So now, what it boils down to is, who the person actually is. If I call someone in each of their communities, what will they say? So lets say they call both of the candidates teachers and ask about each one as a person. Candidate A received glowing compliments, of honesty and integrity. On the other hand, candidate B’s teachers said they caught him on several accounts of academic dishonesty, and that he often claimed to be “sick” in order to skip class. I think the answer is pretty obvious. Candidate A is the better choice. The employer wants to know that their employee will be honest and dependable. Truthfulness is something that goes a long way. This one job can can change your life.Being honest can also affect your relationship with other people. Do you think that someone who is untrustworthy and unprincipled will have many friends? If you want a friend to depend on you and trust you, you have to prove to them that you are both of those things, dependable and honest. The one thing that no one likes to feel is alone. The people who do end up alone are those who have let the people in their lives down, time and time again. Be honest and moral in order to have a healthy relationship with the people in your life. One person can change your life, literally. One person can give you a job, a spouse, happiness, etc. If you want honest, good, moral friends, you must give the same in return. One negative opinion, of one person can create radio silence around you. My point is not for your to brown nose every person you meet, but its to show others that you are a human being of quality, and good character. These are just examples of how your reputation affects all aspects of life.So to reiterate my previous point, your reputation in your community is important, in all aspects of life being accountable, dependable, and trusted is crucial. There is a quote that says, “It’s easier said than done” So building a good reputation in your community is obviously easier said than done. One dishonest or deceitful action brings your entire character into question. Charles Spurgeon created this metaphor, “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on his shoes.” Lying has much more power than telling the truth does. Because honesty is what is expected from any decent human being, and this one lie gives people the basis to question anything that comes out of your mouth. The overlying idea of this essay is that telling the truth is important, because this builds reputation. People fail to recognize how imperative it is to be a good judge of character. On the large scale of things, that is what makes us up as people. Our actions and our words have more meaning than we could ever imagine. One tiny discrepancy or disparity in your actions as a moral functioning member of society changes your entire being. What people think of you, Should they trust you? Can they count on you? These are all questions that make up the life of a human being. It is questions like these, that create the mark you leave on the world. Because unfortunately, the world doesn’t revolve around one person, and consequently, it continues after we die. So what we really have to ask ourselves is, What do I want people to think of me when I die? Will I be remembered as honest, kind, moral, and dependable? Or will I be remembered as a lying, immoral, and deceitful person, a menace to society? The next time you think about doing something you know is wrong, consider the consequences and remember that it only takes one card to make the entire house fall.With this in mind, we must always do our best to follow the right path. Humans are not perfect, and that is okay. It is through these imperfections that we learn to be the best people we can be. From every mistake we take away a lesson.  It is all right to mess up, and sometimes we let people down. But if you show that person that you are trying to make amends and right your wrongs, they will slowly change their opinion of you. Even though your relationship will never be the same, they see that you’re trying. And although everything can fall apart through one action, we can take many actions to repair the damage. As long as your effort is sincere and honest, that person will see you for who you really are. So to avoid this treacherous path of rehabilitation, try to just be honest the first time. Being honest means owning up to your mistakes, and it takes a big person to do that. Show the world that you are this big person, and your life will drastically change.Now, how does my entire essay tie into my first few sentences? How does the uncertainty of the future relate to reputation? Here’s how. The day before the start Great Depression, no ever thought that life could get this bad. But within months people, who were once millionaires, were on the streets begging for pennies at a time. Everyone was pleading for minimum wage jobs. Someone in these devastating positions would want to have a good reputation. If you have a good reputation, it is likely that a person in a position of power would help you out. Not because they “like you” but because they know that they can depend on you and that you truly deserve the money. This is just one example of how crisis can strike at any moment. And that a good reputation can save your life.  We never know when the next 9/11 or the next Holocaust is coming. What we do know is how to prepare. We build a good and moral reputation to ensure that, this representation of us will save us in the long run. In a world where disaster can strike at any moment, we want to be prepared. Because after all our character is the one thing that is more valuable over time, money and skill. Our character is the one thing that cannot only save an individual person, but save mankind. This seven letter word will have an immense effect on your life, more than you could ever imagine.                                                Building Character Humans are an interesting species. We are designed to do everything possible to survive. Our being is based on instinct. For example, when someone is being starved, their body starts to conserve energy. By nature, humans do things to benefit themselves. Our actions and thoughts are based off of greed. Again, this greed comes instinctively.As evolution has progressed, so has the human mind. We have learned to think differently, be smarter. As children, we tend to not filter anything we say, but as we grow old we learn that sometimes what we say can hurt others’ feelings. This is just one example of how, with time, people learn. They learn about themselves and the world around them. Throughout life we realize that this feeling of greed is abysmal, through feelings of sympathy and morality. On the same note, it is important to teach yourself to be a better person. Building character is not something that is done over night, it is something that is not only learned but, earned. We earn the title of being “honest”. Being honest means fighting every instinct you have to “save yourself”, just man up.And so advancing through life is turning this greedy inclination off. Because all lies, deceit and immoralities come from greed. Why do people lie? To benefit themselves in the situation they are in. Why do people steal? Because they need money for themselves. A clear example of this is one of the philosophies of Buddhism. Buddhists believe in living a simple life. Buddha quotes, “Desire is the root of all evil.”In essence, Buddhists try to turn off their desires, because from these desires they do corrupt things. Desire is a strong thing, it pushes people to the limit, it makes people on this endless journey to achieve what they want. Once this feeling of desire is turned off, they are able to live a life of simplicity, happiness, and honesty. Desire and greed go hand in hand. It is apparent throughout the practices of Buddhism that these two natural inclinations, lead us to do bad things. When we become good people and build character, we lead better lives. Being a good person means that you can look yourself in the mirror and like what you see. Knowing that you are honest and kind give you a better self image. Ultimately leading you to the best life possible. This concept is not a one time free pass. It must be applied to everyday life in order to be content. Being a liar is greedy. By lying, you affect the people around you. You’re not only damaging yourself but the people in your life. Your untruthful habits prohibit them from living a happy and normal life. Your stripping them of their right to be free. By not telling the truth, you constantly have them worried about what your going to lie about next. So the next time you think about lying, consider the well being of your friends and family.Along with selfishness, lying is immature. Lying is a person’s way of masking how they really feel. A person’s way of hiding their insecurities or inabilities. Part of growing up is learning to accept who you are and your actions. So be mature and face the consequences. Whatever the situation is, handle it like an adult, take responsibility for your actions. Be the person that does the right thing, even when it’s hard.Lying is something that is proven to have negative effects on the brain. And once you start you can’t stop. Everything then becomes based on that one lie. It may sound cliche, but honesty is really the best policy. A life of truth allows you to live a stress free, happy and healthy life. Fighting between good and evil is a struggle every person faces. It is important to understand that you are fighting yourself. It is a civil war between the devil’s advocate and and the angels advocate. Being a good human being is the prize of winning this war. These daily battles are what make up our lives. The choice between good and bad, righteous and wicked.At the end of the day we should be able to think of ourselves as role models for children. Children mimic what they see, because they don’t know any better. I think in life what we all strive for is to be reputable, honorable and, meritorious. We should try to be the people that we would want our children to be.We must remember that in any situation, where lying may seem to be the better option, that it has ultimately the worst outcome. Because in the end the truth always reveals itself. And when it does you want to be able to show the world that you did the right thing, even when no one was looking.There are times where lying might seem like the only option, but the truth is always the number one option. Why lie? You put yourself through stress and anxiety for nothing. By telling the truth, you set yourself free. Just accept your consequences and try to be a better person. Learn from your mistakes. Honesty is the key to the handcuffs of guilt and depression. By being an honest person, you build character. This upstanding character will ultimately lead you a healthier, happier life. Trustworthiness goes a long way in relationships, because in reality everything is personal. Creating strong relationships based on trust will benefit everyone in the long run.  The thing that may feel uncomfortable in the moment will make you comfortable in the future. As John Lennon once said, “Being honest might not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones.”Karma is a term that is thrown around a lot. ” What goes around comes around.” This is the idea that we should treat others the way we would want to be treated. With this concept in mind, we should remember that if we want to be trusted and told the truth to, we should do the same. By admitting when your wrong, or confessing to something, you are showing others that you are capable of being a strong honest person and that you expect the same in return. Be the person that people trust. A person who looks in the mirror and says to themselves, “I am an honest and good person.” At this day and age not many people can say that. You should aspire to be one in a million, not one of a million. Honesty can change the world, it can change your life beyond your wildest dreams. Dealing with a Lying Child Parenting is one of the hardest tasks in the world. Building your child to be an honest and moral person is a hard thing. This gets even more complicated, because every child is different. Assessing what to do when your child acts up is difficult. Lying is inevitable in kids. As a parent, you need to remember that they have yet to figure out how to successfully navigate through life. Although they are prone to make mistakes, children need to understand how imperative it is to be honest. The most important thing in every relationship is trust. A healthy relationship is built on trust. The question is, how do you build a good relationship with your kids? Most of the time, kids lie because they are scared of how their parents are going to react. They fear the consequences and disappointment that will come out of the truth. Fear is a very weird feeling, it makes people do inexplicable things. These things are reactions to that voice in their head saying, “They’re going to kill you”. Now the question is, how do you deal with this situation? Building a connection with your child can greatly affect how they open up to you. When your child is put in a situation between right and wrong, good and bad, truth and lie, you want them to be able to come to you with this. Not only that they are able to approach you but that they genuinely want to. This fear based relationship that most parents have ultimately fails. You should ensure that your child does errand or chores, or tells the truth, or anything out of love, not fear. The connection based relationship runs into an issue. Just because you’re friends with your child, does that mean that their actions go without consequences? Obviously not. But, it creates a thought process in their head. If I do this bad thing, for example drugs, I will be compelled to tell my parents. Everything they do they will be done knowing that they have their parents approval. In the event that your child does betray you, you should deal with it in a way that you would want to be dealt with. Screaming at them and name calling them won’t solve anything. Obviously they know what they did wrong and feel guilty, like any normal human being. Harsh reprimanding leads your child to think,”They already think I’m a liar, so what does it matter?” This leads them to continue in the path that they are on. But, if they are dealt with in a way that, identifies the wrongdoing but ensures that it does not define them, they will try to better themselves. So that they know they are good people with room for improvement. Here’s a perfect analogy, if you fall down and someone tells you, “It’s okay you can get back up!” It is likely that you will have the motivation to get up. But, if someone tells you, ” You’re a loser!” You’re going to get discouraged and think that you are in fact a loser. Along with the direct reprimanding, there also comes consequences. Let them know that they violated your trust and that they have to prove to you that you can trust them. Trust is something that is earned, not given. It takes a long time to build this trait. Make sure your child knows that they will have to work tirelessly and persistently to gain this sacred thing back. In addition to this mission to regain trust, there must be a punishment. For example, when a baby touches the stove and they get burned, they know to not touch it in the future. This applies to lying. So if they betray your trust do things like, make them write essays, do chores, and take away privileges. But in reality the best punishment is to make them understand what they did. Whatever sin they did to infuriate you, make them understand how wrong it was and that it is unacceptable. Ponder on this for a second, in the federal punishment system, the worst sentence, is a lifetime term of solitary confinement. Solitary confinement is the justice systems way of ensuring that the convict is not only serving his time, but that he thinks about what he did. All of his joys like laughing, reading, and other forms of leisure in a regular prison are taken away to make sure he is paying for his crime. Obviously this example is very extreme, but it is to show that self reflection can go a long way. If you scream at your child and call them names, it accomplishes nothing. What’s to say that they won’t do it again? They won’t see the problem with it. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” Analyze the situation and try to approach it in a way that makes certain that it won’t happen again.You want honesty to be at the core of the parent-child relationship. Openness can lead to amazing things, but make sure that it is not mistaken for weakness; and that for every violation of the trust there will be consequences. Again, there can be a balance between being a friend and being a parent, the goal is to find the right one. In reference to this idea, as Carson Kolhoff says, “Don’t ever mistake my silence for ignorance, calmness for acceptance and kindness for weakness.” Each part of this three prong quote applies when dealing with a lying teenager/child. There needs to be some slack given, but while doing this you must ensure that it is not taken for granted. In the years that your child is becoming a young adult it is critical that they understand that for every action there is a consequence. Whether the act is good or bad they must comprehend that no deed goes unnoticed. And although it may feel like the only the bad deeds are noticed, both are appreciated. It is important to set high expectations for your child to help them be the best person they can possibly be. When you reprimand them make sure that they know that you expect better. One deed, action, or statement can change your life. And that although life throws us curve balls as good humans we must know that honesty is the only way to hit a homerun. Through punishment, conversation, and understanding you can ensure that your child, the person you brought into this world, will be nothing less than an extraordinary honest, successful human being.  And in the end, if all fails, you will know deep down that you tried your best to make an honest, respectable human being.