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Us americans do things that maybe frowned spoon in other countries that we don’t even know are wrong. Some of the obvious table manners are multicultural like no elbows on the table, chew with your mouth closed, don’t stuff your mouth etc. and also Common politeness is multi cultural as well like opening the door for someone, look at people when they talk to you, no inappropriate contact etc but there are things that us americans do everyday and think nothing of it while unknowingly disrespecting the foreign country that your in. In Japan it is most crucial that u know the do’s and don’ts of their country. When we go to a restaurant in the states ( U.S.A) and we get amazing service or even if it’s just good service and u want to be a nice person we often leave a tip and when that waiter or waitress gets that tip they are overcome with joy and gratefulness for your kind heart now that doesn’t sound so bad right well in Japan if you do that it’s like saying that they look poor and they look like they need extra money. See how bad it that sounds. So next time you’re in Japan keep the money because if you don’t you’ll be gettin that money back one way or another either givin back nicely or thrown at you. you walk to work or school everyday and sometimes wake up a little late. No big deal you just have to take your breakfast Togo and eat it while walking. Now normally this would be fine I the states however you are not in the states and are in Japan and it is greatly frowned upon to walk and eat at the same time because normally what is americans do is when we’re done with the trash we just drop it where we stand(most not all) and Japan is notorious for how clean they keep their street so every time you are seen walking and eating you won’t get stopped but if you take a look at everyone looking at you you might notice a few glares coming your way. Now there are a lot more that we do that’s disrespectful in Japan but the last one that’s that important is when we come here and eat we look forward to the utensil most commonly found in Japan chopsticks. There a lot of way to misuse chopsticks that you need to know not to do. Do not stick the chopsticks straight up in your food. This is done at funerals and not welcome at a restaurant. Do not pass food from chopstick to chopstick because this is also don’t at funerals when they past the bones to each other and last certainly not least do not rub the chopsticks together to get the splitters outs now this is a habit americans have to even out the chopsticks or get splinters out but doing this in Japan tells the restaurant hat their chopsticks are low quality and are cheap. Now these are most definitely not all of them things you need to know about the rules in Japan but this should just open your eyes to the fact that you may need to brush up on your facts about a different country that you are going to do you don’t make a bad first impression and ruin the already rocky relationship we may have with that particular country.

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