Using might be good for the elders’Using might be good for the elders’

Using information technologies in Malaysian education it has the positive impact, at the same time it also has a negative impact. One of the negative impacts that may affect by teacher characteristics. The teacher characteristics such as age, education experience, individual’s education level and experience with the computer for educational purposes can affect the adoption of an innovation when the schools decide to use information technologies in Malaysian education. The article by Anantha Raj A.Arokiasamy (2012) has indicated the negative impact that inconsistency of teaching processing between youngsters and elders teachers. The new teachers are more likely to use computers in their classroom than the older teacher. To the fact that during the new teacher training period, they have been exposed to the computer and that is why they have more experience using this tool to teach students. Moreover, one of the factors that teachers use computers in the classroom it may be is their number of years they have been teaching. For example, the teachers with the longer years of teaching that means they use the computer to teach for a long time.In addition, the age of teacher it may also affect the teachers’ attitude towards to the information technology. When the age of the teachers decreased, their attitude towards to information technology increased. For instance, the youngsters’ teachers may have the experience to use the information technology during their training and also they teaching period are not long, so that they can easy to change the method to teach as well as they would use information technology in the classroom. Quite the opposite, the elders’ teachers may need some time to learn and adapt to information technology. According to the article by M. I. Hamzah, A. Ismail, and M. A. Embi (2009) has indicated the Malaysian education need to provide more training to the teacher in using the information technology. That might be good for the elders’ teachers to learn new knowledge but it may cause their time constraints and time consumption between learning new knowledge and teaching students.