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vaccines to the animals, bathe the animals that come for grooming and as a receptionist, relating with the people who come to have their animals checked.  During my time at university of Ibadan, during holiday periods, I have worked in a government owned abattoir, where I accumulated public health experience when I did an internship I was assigned to the meat inspection unit where I had to perform ante mortem inspection of animals for slaughter and post mortem inspection of meat from animals slaughtered. Then I had to judge them meat from animals slaughtered and record/report my findings in a record form to the chief veterinary officer of the abattoir.Also, in my undergraduate days, I was the vice president of the Ibadan branch of the international veterinary students association before rising to become the president. Seeing the rate at which rabies cases was prevalent in my locality, I, the association president and other members organised a three days rabies programme to sensitize the university community and the locals about rabies, its cause, prevention and control. We organised a university lecture on the first day, went to two secondary schools to talk to the students on the second day and finally conducted a free rabies vaccination programme for dogs in a local community. This experiences helped me to develop relevant skills in disease diagnosis and treatment, vaccinations of dogs and cats, laboratory analysis, and fumigation including managing my time effectively.Since leaving school, I now work in an abattoir as a meat inspection officer for the government at the state abattoir full time, where Sensitization of butchers on sanitary hygienic practices.  Amassing a total well in excess of 2000 hours. I have worked within a wide variety of clinical care settings including general veterinary medicine and surgery, veterinary reproduction, animal care and fumigation services. Each clinical discipline has brought new challenges, allowing me to form working relationships with a large number of healthcare professionals and their patients. I accumulated public health experience when I did an internship in a government owned abattoir.I have been to the UK twice to visit family. Hence, moving to the UK from home will be a smooth transition and I adapt quickly and smoothly. I also believe my dedication to my future career, coupled with my skills and attributes will help me adapt to university life and guarantee me success in this demanding profession.To relax, I play puzzle games on my phone or computer which has helped develop my strategic thinking. I also read books, listen to music, watch Television and socialise with my friends when I am not studying nor working.I was an assistant class representative for five years, I was chosen at the class elections for five years in a row. My responsibilities, as a representative included: organization and distribution of class lecture notes, social gathering and