Valentine’s almost missed it? If you need

Day is celebrated on the 14th of February of every year, it is the day of love
and romance. This is one such day when you can spell those magical words of
love again and make it memorable for the couples. The celebration of
Valentine’s Day differs from one region to another. Some visit the church as a
part of their tradition to pray for their loved ones; some prefer spending cozy
times with that special someone.

For many who
are in love, the planning for a grand Valentine’s Day begins from months
before. The best way to do this is by going imaginative. Let your creativity
flow adding colors to your celebration of love. You can try out different
things or things in a bit different way this Valentine’s Day.

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Have you
ever thought what could be an ideal way to say you love and show that you care
this Valentine’s Day? There are plenty of ways to do so. All you need to do is
put your thinking hat on and play a little on it.

Did you
almost missed it? If you need last minute valentine ideas, you`ve come to the
right place. This article will give your ideas to help you out and to make it
seem like you`ve been planning the best valentine`s day ever.

Romantic Atmosphere

There are
plenty of Valentine ideas you can implement, but the first thing you should
start off with is to create a love atmosphere around your surroundings.
Ambiance is very important. It excites and pleases the senses and gets you in
the mood quicker and makes the day run smoothly.

Start the
day off with a passionate kiss. Let your partner wake up to a romantic, flirty,
or even a seductive love note. You can even mail, email, or text them this
‘Good morning sweet Valentine’ message. These love notes and messages can be
one of many ‘love teasers’ to come throughout the day.

Romantic games

If you feel
bored before your dinner bring out two large sheets of paper and some crayons.
On each sheet draw a circle with a little base – your crystal ball. Each of you
looks into your crystal ball and draws what you see five years into the future.
Then share your drawings and discuss. Remember to put on the romantic music
while dining. You’ll find that in years to come the music you play then will
conjure up the memories and feelings of the night. And become your special
song. After dinner you can watch a romantic movie if you feel inclined, use
this time to eat chocolates or have a decadent dessert. Finish the evening with
a massage.

Honeymoon Once Again

Plan a
second honeymoon this Valentine’s Day. Plan to visit places you always wanted
to go, to a land you have never been to. A journey to the unknown is always
exciting. It leaves you to contemplate and will fill your trip with surprises.
Make sure you plan your trip to a less visited place in order to get that
privacy you desire during your honeymoon. Book a honeymoon suite and make her
feel at the top of the world amidst its lavish and luxurious setting.

Special Gifts

Next we’ll
go to the gift giving. Don’t worry, if you can’t afford an expensive gift. Your
gift doesn’t have to be expensive or flashy. In fact the most special gifts
come straight from the heart. Knowing your partner’s likes and dislikes is the
first step to finding a compatible present.

To make the
gift truly unique take what you know about what your partner likes and use that
idea in your gift. Are they into sports….art lover, music enthusiast, do they
have a special hobby? You can get them gifts that match their interest and
present it to them in a romantic way. Add your own special romantic touch and
spin to it.

Coffee Filter Roses

Lay a basket
shaped coffee filter flat on some paper or wax paper. Give your child some
water colors in pink and red and let her color the coffee filter. Allow it to
dry completely, then fold it in half. Fold it one more time. You can cut some
wavy lines on the top of the filter if you’d like. Use a green pipe cleaner as
the stem for the rose and secure it around the bottom of the folded coffee
filter. Now spread the top of the coffee filter out to make the flower shape.
You can cut out leaf shapes from green felt or construction paper and glue them
on the pipe cleaner to finish off the project.

Cook something Special at home

This is one
you do hear often, and it is because it works. Cook something you would not
normally do, something a little exotic. If you have a favorite dish at a
restaurant, try to replicate it at home. You can try crab Rangoon (a fried
appetizer) and you see they are better by far than what you get in a Chinese
restaurant. Now, here is the twist: Go to a paint your own dish pottery studio
and make a custom plate. On the food surface of the plate, where you are sure
it will be covered by the food, write a message of love personalized with your lover’s
name. Then hide it. On Valentines night, serve the dinner on this plate for a
crazy and delightful surprise. The cost of the plate is around $30 for
everything, which is not bad considering you will have this forever, along with
the memory.

Chocolate Lollipops

Melt some
good quality chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave. Don’t overheat
the chocolate or it will start to burn. When the chocolate is completely
melted, pour it into a squirt bottle with a large opening. Spray some lollipop
molds with cooking spray, then let the kids squeeze the melted chocolate in the
mold. Add a stick while the chocolate is still soft, then let it cool until
hard. Gently lift the chocolate lollipops out of the mold and wrap some cello
around them. Tie a little bow at the end to keep the cello in place and your
chocolate lollipops are ready to hand out.

Write a Poem

This one
costs nothing. If you think you cannot possibly do it, think again. You can do
it. You honestly can. Now, here is all you have to do. Sit down and turn off
all the distractions. No television in the background, no radio. Take a quiet 5
minutes to yourself. Get a pen and paper. Write your lovers name down at the
top of the page and then write all the things you can think of for at least 3
minutes without stopping. Write how they make you feel and why. Write what you
love most about them, who you think they will become. Write your feelings about
the future with them. Just make a list of words if that is all you can do. Now,
you are ready to organize it into a poem. Break a new page into 2 parts: How I
feel about you, how you make me feel-and just organize what you have written
under the two categories. Go ahead and share it. Type it up if you can or if
your handwriting is bad. Instant unforgettable moment as you read this to your
sweetheart. Read it with feeling and give one red rose with this, and you are
home free. Your relationship has now been taken to the next height.

Love Shaped Cookies

Make a batch
of your favorite sugar cookie dough. Add some red food coloring to it at the
end to turn it bright red. Roll the dough out and let your kids cut it out with
heart-shaped cookie cutters. Bake the cookies according to your recipe’s
directions. Allow the cookies to cool completely. Mix some powdered sugar and
milk to make a sticky paste. You can turn this glaze pink by adding a few drops
of red food coloring. Use the back of a spoon or a pastry brush to spread the
paste on the cooled cookies. Use sprinkles to decorate these special
Valentine’s Day cookies even more. After the powdered sugar glaze is completely
hardened, put the cookies on a plate or in a pretty bag and they are ready to
hand out.

Plan a romantic evening with your

Find some
romantic CDs to play during a light supper. There’s no need for a heavy dinner.
Pick up a movie that you know you’ll both like and watch that while you indulge
in eating chocolates or a decadent dessert after supper. Make small bites to
have with hot chocolate for later. I always think dried apricots with a small teaspoon
of cream cheese and topped with a dessert almond makes an attractive nibble to
end or start with. Then finish the evening off with a massage

Homemade Treat Bags

One of our
kid’s favorite Valentine’s Day gifts is a bag full of little goodies. Of course
you could go out and buy a pack of plastic baggies, but it’s a lot more fun to
make your own. All you need is some small paper bags and some red paint,
markers and stickers. Let the kids decorate the bags. You can also write the
recipient’s name on each bag. The kids can make cute ladybug bags by dipping
their finger in red paint and making red prints all over the bag. Take a fine
tipped black marker to draw a line through the middle of the fingerprint and
some dots on each side. Add a small head, antennae and three legs on each side.
When the bags are decorated, just fill them with some small candies, or the
cookies and chocolate lollipops from above.

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