Verily, say, ” Allah.”[2] Even though theyVerily, say, ” Allah.”[2] Even though they

Verily, all praise is for Allah ? alone. We seek his help
ask for His forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our own selves
and from the evil of our deeds. Whomsoever Allah guides no one can lead astray,
and whomsoever Allah leads astray no one can guide him. I bear witness that
none has the right to be worshipped but Allah alone and that He has no partner,
and I bear witness that Muhammad ? is His slave and


What is Tawheed:

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Tawheed means unification, but Tawheed in
reference to Allah means realizing and maintaining Allah’s unity in all of
man’s action which is directly or indirectly related to Allah. Tawheed means to
believe that Allah is the creator, sustainer and provider, He is one without
any partners and any comparison, there is none comparable to him and there is
nothing like him, there is no challenge or rival whatsoever to his sovereignty.

During the prophets ? era the Tawheed was not categorized in
separate components because it wasn’t necessary at that time and the companions
understood the concept of oneness in Allah very well. However, when Islam
spread across the globe, people embracing Islam brought with them some of the
traditions of their previous religion and culture to Islam thus threatening the
pure and simple unitarian belief of Islam.

Thus, Tawheed was then categorized in
three components

Tawheed al Ruboobeyah: To believe that Allah is the sole lord
of the universe, He maintains and sustain the creation without any need from it
and there is no challenge to his sovereignty)
Tawheed al Asmaa was sifaat: To believe that the Attributes of Allah
cannot be given to his creation and the attributes of creation cannot be
associated with Allah

Tawheed al-Ebadaah: To believe that there is none worthy of
worship besides Allah and none can affect your affairs except by the will of
Allah and that Allah cannot be associated with partners in worship

Why maintaining all three aspects of
Tawheed is important to be considered a Muslim:

The above definitions of the components of
Tawheed make it clear that omitting any one aspect of Tawheed will expunge a
person from the being Muslim. Considering the present-day scenario of Muslims,
it is necessary to elaborate what has just been said.

Allah says in the Quran:

And most of them believe not in Allah
except while they associate others with Him1

The pagans of Makkah knew that Allah was
their creator, sustainer their Lord and their Master.

And if you asked them who created them,
they would surely say, ” Allah.”2

Even though they believed Allah as their lord
i.e. believing in Tawheed al ruboobeeyah, they were considered as mushriks
because they associated partners with Allah, they worshipped Idols thay they
would affect their affairs i.e. they have denounced Tawheed al ebadaah.

Similarly, people have started attributing
themselves the qualities of Allah such as the concept of “Gauz-e-Azam” a title
given by the ignorant to Abdul Qader Jilanee. Gauz means “The supreme helper”
or “the greatest source of rescue” and who is the supreme helper beside Allah?
This is a form of shirk in Asma wa sifaat. because Allah is An-Naseer (The
helper) and no one can be Al-waliy besides Allah

These people besides believing in Allah have committed
shirk out of their ignorance of Tawheed. Hence it is essential to maintain all
aspects of Tawheed for one to be considered a Muslim.

People have also given Allah the attributes of
His creation such that as it is mentioned in the bible that Allah spent the
first six days in creating the universe then slept on the seventh, They have given
the qualities of a human being to Allah this is again shirk in Tawheed al Asma
wa sifaat.

The Nusayreeyah Shiites believe that Ali bin
Abi Talib R.A was manifestation of Allah and gave him many of the qualities of

Also, people have made thing Halal which Allah
had made Haram and made things Haram which Allah had made Halal thereby committing
shirk in Tawheed al Ibadah.

Allah says in Quran:

And whoever does not judge by what Allah
has revealed – then it is those who are the disbelievers.3

Not believing in one of the components or not
having knowledge of any of these components will lead a Muslim to shirk as he
has given the attributes of Allah to his creation out of ignorance and gave
Allah the attributes of creation likewise; believed in charms and omens to be
intercessors and shield against evil while Allah is the sole protector;
directed his prayers to people in graves and saints while Allah is the only one
who answers the prayers.

From the above-mentioned examples although
people claimed themselves to be Muslims and ummah of Prophet Muhammad ? they have committed shirk in one or many
forms just because of their rejection of any one component of Tawheed. Hence it
is very necessary for one to be a Muslim to maintain all the three aspects of


Whatever good I’ve written is from Allah’s
guidance alone and whatever errors have been made is solely by me. Allah knows
the best

1 Al Quran-Surah

2 Al-Quran-az-Zukhruf

3 Al-Quran-Al Maidaah:44