Video optimisation is the module which mostVideo optimisation is the module which most

Optimization / Creation

This Module of Digital Marketing Training Institute in Jalandhar Punjab.
Video Optimization is a process to get your videos ranked on higher positions
in youtube search results and various other video sharing.In this module, you
will come to know about various video making Softwares which will make you able
to create and edit your own videos by yourself. We will teach you to various
strategies to increase your youtube video views as well as subscribers.Video
optimisation is the module which most of the students love to do, In this
module we will give you some secret tips to earn from youtube by optimising and
monatising your channel.

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Video Optimization Basics
Creation of  Your Own Videos
Tricks to increasing your views
on the youtube video?
Tips to earning from your
Youtube Channel?
Tricks to rank videos in
24hr on youtube?
Tips/ Tricks to get more
subscribers on youtube
How to get more views with
low subscribers?


In this Module of Digital Marketing Training in Jalandhar Punjab, You
will come to know about Video Marketing. Video Marketing is a process to
promote your video through various paid platforms.This can give you thousands
of views within a short span of time.In this module we will discuss on Various
video promoting methods such as facebook, google, twitter, etc

What is Video Marketing?
Promotion of videos on
Google Adwords and other platforms?
What is CPV and
Video Marketing 
concepts to get at Top Position
Difference between View Ads
and Stream Ads


Generation Techniques


In this Module of Internet Marketing Training in Jalandhar Punjab. Lead
Generation is a technique through which you can make your business reach
throughout the world.Various Lead Generation Techniques will help you to start
and expand your business leads and sale in a very short period of time with the
help of various social networking sites, email marketing, SEO, etc and bring
business to you.You will able to start up your own business after the
completion of this course.

What is Lead Generation?
Tricks to generate Leads
from Google Optimization?
Generation of Leads for
business with Facebook?
Generation of Leads for
business with twitter?
Generation of Leads for
business with Google Adwords?
Understanding the Sales
What is Sales Metrics?