Wade see the book for what itWade see the book for what it

Wade Bradley Mrs AckerFriday, December 15th ENG4C1 – Bayside Secondary SchoolWestern society, the land of the free. But are we really free? George Orwell created a world in the book 1984 about a society that was under complete and absolute control by its political party, every aspect of their lives were under constant surveillance and not even a thought could be made that the party wouldn’t know about. Upon the release of the book some people deemed a loony sci-fi story with people saying that this kind of world couldn’t possibly exist, while others stated that is was a visionary and futuristic novel and showed what the world would really be like in the years to come. But really how far fetched is the world that George Orwell created back in 1950 compared to the one we live in today? Even today people still remain completely against the idea that such a world could exist. while others see the book for what it actually is, a warning. Some points in the book are more true in other areas of the world, in our western society there still strong points. For almost pointless and unknown reasons we are always either at war or there are reasons to go to war with another nation, the enemy is always changing. While the idea may seem almost impossible to believe that governments change and alter history to fit their agenda and their views, it happens even though finding evidence of such an act today is unlikely. Privacy is important to everyone, but is anything we do really that private anymore? We are always under constant surveillance by large companies to target us for certain products and advertisements, most of the time it doesn’t take more to know us then to check our social media that lists everything about us. Electronic intrusion and mind control are also huge in our western society and while it isn’t exactly how it sounds it still is in ways the same thing. The act of aggression towards another is in human nature and isn’t anything new, there is hardly any period of time when there isn’t some war going on around the world that north america isn’t involved with. And if there isn’t any direct involvement there is always some kind of support shown for either side. The United States of America has been in 9 major conflicts since the second world war, the longest of which is the invasion of afghanistan started back in 2001 and still continues to this day even though it is allied with the government of afghanistan, there remains fighting against different groups. Canada on the other hand since the second world war has tried its best to remove itself from the act of aggression and only uses its military in areas of peacekeeping and yet has been in more wars since the second world war then the United States of America. Even though both of these countries have technically aren’t at war with any other country at this time, there are more than just nations to be at war with. Groups of people such as Al-Qaeda and isis are at constant war with the west and even all of Europe. With constant media coverage on disasters that these groups always cause or caused, the groups begin to blend together and can be hard to distinguish them apart from one another. Creating a blanket of fear over all the world, with no one really understanding their hatred entirely and who their next target will be.(thoughtCo) Historical revisionism refers to the legitimate re-examination of existing information and history by scholars to update and give new looks on the past. Historical revisionism also refers to the illegitimate distortion of any historical record and if in denial of any historical record it is referred to as negationism. Any and all presenting forged documents as genuine, inventing reasons to distrust genuine documents, manipulating statistical information to show a certain point, deliberately mis-translating texts and withholding documents of importance all techniques in historical revisionism. Back in the 1960’s the government of the United States of America had plans to either kill innocent citizens or to create an incident that would cause great numbers of military casualties by saying “we could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba.”(ABC News David Ruppe) The general idea was once everyone in America thought that Cuba was attacking them they would have the general support of the public to send a full out invasion of cuba and with all the support of the public they would have more than enough volunteers for the fighting. It was on March 13th 1962 when the joint chief staff proposed the plans to President John F. Kennedy. The citizen leadership and President John F Kennedy quickly rejected the plans and the joint chief staff left the information and files undisclosed for 40 years because the entire plan was so embarrassing for them. Historical revisionists understand Plato’s dictum “Those who tell the stories also hold the power.” (World Heritage Encyclopedia) almost all the time when it comes to revisionists the tactic is used to achieve a group or nations goals and aims, transferring the guilt of war to another, demonizing an enemy and even providing an illusion of victory to keep the support of their members or citizens. Former president of the American Historical Association, James M. Mcpherson he wrote saying “Distorted and interpretation of the past to serve partisan or ideological purposes in the present.” Mcpherson understood that there are two main motivations when it comes to any form of history revisionism. To have to ability to control ideological influence and to control political influence. History tells us all so much, with power of ideological influence. By revising history, one would have the ability to specifically change the ideological identity of an entire nation, what if the stable world of society we have today all came to an end and the only historical records that remained were those Stalin had changed to fit the ideals of his party, those would be believed to be true. People would pursue those same ideals because they would believe that that was how the world once was. Herodotus the greek historian who lived in the Persian empire rewrote his version of history to father more political support for the Greek system of government over the current Persian one that was in place. The statement that those who tell the stories of the past control the power is completely true, maybe not over the current generation but once that passes the new generations will know nothing different. Privacy is one of the many things that shouldn’t have to be fought for, its a basic human right to have privacy. If the United Nations listed privacy as a human right then why is there always new rumors and real information about more and more companies and organizations watching and keeping us all under surveillance. Facebook is one of the many culprits who have been listening in on its users for monetary gain, many different accounts have stated that facebook uses its app to listen to your conversations and what you talk about when alone or with others to figure out what ads should be pushed at you. Once you download the Facebook app you have to give it access to use your microphone and camera, many people have stated that they mention a company or a certain product and when browsing Facebook will receive ads for said products. The same is with google and any search engine, they use all search history you have and use that information to decide what ads would be most effective towards you.(Mashable JACK MORSE) Perhaps these are small fish to fry when it comes to the overall scheme of things. Edward Snowden the US Intelligence whistleblower who currently has asylum in Russia for leaking classified information and data from the Central Intelligence Agency. He stated that the government is no longer just selecting individuals who they assume suspicious but instead the entirety of the population, we all live under constant surveillance. “It’s no longer based on the traditional practice of targeted taps on some individual suspicion of wrongdoing” our everyday lives are under a watchful eye “It covers phone calls, emails, tests, search history, what you buy, who your friends are, where you go, even who you love.” some people don’t see the problem or just don’t care about if the government watches your every movement, I have nothing to hide. These people are missing the fundamental nature of human rights, nobody should need to justify why they need a right. You cannot give away the rights of others because they’re not useful to you. More simply, the majority cannot vote away the natural rights of the minority. The idea of mind control is almost always considered fiction in the minds of people today, but how safe are we from a person or a organization to have total and complete control over our minds? Subliminal messages can be traced back to the 5th century, the creeks used the science of rhetoric,where the speaker would inform, persuade or motivate particular audiences in specific situations while adding in hidden messages without them knowing. Some say that subliminal messages are really harmless and can be useful in some situations, during the second world war they created a machine called the tachistoscope. The device would briefly flash pictures of the enemy aircraft to the pilots so they would be able to recognise the enemy easily while in the heat of battle.(LawOfAttraction) Today subliminal messaging is referred to by the name of neuromarketing, a new field of marketing that studies the consumers sensorimotor and cognitive responses. With no law against these studies large corporations such as Google, CBS and even Disney have been using this technique to learn more about their consumers extensively.(Psychology Today) Everything we view we record in our minds even without taking notice to it, every small detail is actually noticed even if we don’t recall every single detail. October 2011 the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a warning to everyone stating that children under the age of two years old should not be exposed to any television of any kind and that any exposure could lead to development disorders, delayed speech and even sleep problems. With nothing to stop companies from using these methods of attack, Media Watch Founder Ann Simonton said that “Advertisers are targeting children as young as 9 months old so that by the time they are two years old they have achieved complete brand loyalty.”(WakeUPWorld) while the technique of showing fast images is still in use the idea that it takes complete control over your mind just isn’t exactly true, while it does take a place in your mind it cannot direct your actions. The technique would simply give a push to do something that the person was already motivated to do. Such as make you drink water if you were already thirsty.(GlogalResearch) while it doesn’t have a direct threat to our minds in the way that we can be forced to buy a product we still are in away being brainwashed starting at just 9 months and are bombarded with more and more through our entire lives. It works also through peer pressure to fit in with everyone around us. If everyone else has been given the push to buy a certain product, you will feel the same urge even without any motivation being given to you from the corporation. Add to the equation government propaganda and to even think that a person can have uninfluenced and unique thoughts is all but a dream.(WakeUpWorld) The question remains, do we truly live in the land of the free or are we really just being controlled without any knowledge of it? Was George Orwell creating his world of 1984 for the thrill of fiction or was it something else entirely, a simple message. A warning of what the world could end up like if we stay as sheep and give the power over us away so freely. While I don’t believe that our world today is what George Orwell predicted I don’t think he was completely far off. The ones who control our nations are unknown corporations that pull the strings of our society. To be completely free in the world today is impossible and really it’s hard to say if we can ever really be free as humans or if those who crave power will always step on the less educated to achieve their goals. Those who tell the stories, hold the power.