Wallace in design and innovation. There isWallace in design and innovation. There is

Wallace Cameron Company Research

‘About Us’

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•       Wallace
Cameron International is a leading manufacturer and supplier of first aid
products. This company have been providing innovative first aid kits for over
65 years which have previously shaped the future of design for first aid kits.
Astroplast is a well-established brand within Wallace Cameron which have lead
the way in the market in design and innovation. There is huge commitment
present to continue to develop the range of products they supply as it was
important as it was 65 years ago.

•       Quality
is also paramount to what Wallace Cameron do, they hold both ISO 9001:2008 and
ISO 13485:2003 as holding the appointment to HRH The Prince of Wales
Manufacturing & Supplies of First Aid Dressings.

•       The
company has a wide, innovative product range from award winning first aid
dispensers, refills and supplies, to emergency medical equipment such as

•       Shaping
the Future of First Aid, the company prides itself on innovation and
cutting-edge design, carrying many patents and design registrations, with an
on-going product development to ensure it stays at the forefront of the first
aid market.



•       Wallace
Cameron enjoys a rich and interesting History that led it to being one of the
largest and most establish first aid manufacturers in the United Kingdom. The
company was started by Lord Wallace of Campsie in 1950 with his then business
partner Mr Cameron. They created in Scotland one of the most successful
manufacturing companies of the past 60 years and in addition made available
some of the subsequent wealth his business brought him to support public and
charitable causes to which he was committed.

•       George
Wallace attended Abbotsford Primary School and Queen’s Park Secondary School,
Glasgow, then proceeded to Glasgow University, where he studied law, joining
the profession as a trainee solicitor before forming his own legal firm. After
serving in the RAF during the Second World War, he came to the conclusion that
the law was too tame for his entrepreneurial flair. He decided, therefore, to
pursue a career in the business world. He established the firm of Wallace
Cameron and Company, manufacturing industrial disinfectants and first aid
dressings, one of which was considered to be a technological breakthrough as it
made available the power of alginate to stop bleeding.

•       In
spite of facing tough opposition from other, well-established manufacturers,
Wallace Cameron expanded rapidly, soon employing some 300 staff in the factory
in Glasgow’s South Side. By 1969 the company was established internationally,
with associated companies in Italy, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Wallace Cameron is
the only company specialising in the manufacture of first aid dressings to have
the distinction of holding a Royal Warrant, it enjoys today the unique
privilege of holding a Royal Warrant from Prince Charles.

•       Today
Wallace Cameron continues the passion for protecting life and the community and
a long History of Innovation. It has a considerable budget to implement new
standards of end user interaction and continues its journey of design,
protection and invention. The company operates from Glasgow and employs more
than 100 people and occupies more than 100,000 sq ft of manufacturing and
warehousing facilities.

What Products do Wallace Cameron Supply?

•       Wallace
Cameron categorise their products into 10 distinctive categories. These
include: Biohazard, Burn Care, Defibrillators, Eye Wash, First Aid, Home &
Travel, Motoring, Plasters, Sports and other.

•       All
of the above products are related to first aid, whether that be first aid in
sports or small first aid during travelling.


•       Bs-8599
is the contents list of what a first aid kit must contain. Wallace Cameron
comply with this British Standard within their first aid kits. The BS-8599 list
has 18 items on the list and for a first aid kit to fit these standards this is
what they must contain.

•       They
must also contain the number of items that it states on the list, for example
waterproof plasters must be included within the first aid kit, however
depending on the size of the kit varies the amount of the specific item there
is. Within a small BSi Kit there must be 40 waterproof plasters, in a medium
there must be 60, a large kit must contain 100 and finally a travel kit must
contain 10 waterproof plasters.

What is First-Aid?

•       ‘First
aid is simple medical treatment given as soon as possible to a person who is
injured or who suddenly becomes ill.’

•       This
is the definition that is given in the Collins English dictionary 

HSE – Health and Safety Executive

•       Health
and Safety Executive is the body responsible for the encouragement regulation
and enforcement workplace health, safety and welfare.

•       HSE
assists and encourages persons within a specific work place whom may be
concerned with matters relevant to the operation of the objectives of the
Health and Safety at Work Act. 1974

•       Another
function of HSE is to propose regulations within the work place to ensure that
everyone’s safety and wellbeing is to a high enough standard.

HSE Legal Requirements

•       ‘The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981
require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities and
personnel to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are
injured or taken ill at work. These Regulations apply to all workplaces
including those with less than five employees and to the self-employed.

is ‘adequate and appropriate’ will depend on the circumstances in the
workplace. This includes whether trained first-aiders are needed, what should
be included in a first-aid box and if a first-aid room is required. Employers
should carry out an assessment of first-aid needs to determine what to provide.

Regulations do not place a legal duty on employers to make first-aid provision
for non-employees such as the public or
children in schools. However, HSE strongly recommends that
non-employees are included in an assessment of first-aid needs and that
provision is made for them.’

directly from the HSE Website


First-Aid at Work

•       HSE
has a huge effect on how first aid is carried out in the workplace. As a
minimum, low risk workplace such as something small like an office, there must
be a first aid box present, also a person must be appointed to take charge of
first aid arrangements. This person who is appointed to be in charge of the
first aid has responsibilities such as calling the emergency services if
necessary. Employers must provide information about first aid arrangements to
their employees.

•       Workplaces
where there are more significant health and safety risks, there is a higher
chance there will need to be a first aider trained on shift. There is an
assessment that will help employers decide what first aid arrangements are
appropriate for their workplace.

First Initial Problems Identified


Existing Products

1.Wallace Cameron BSI Mezzo First Aid Kit Medium

This particular first aid kit is the one given
to me to analyse by Wallace Cameron, it is being sold on the Screw Fix website,
the price is £36.99.

The advantages of this product are as follows: complies
with British Standards, individually wrapped contents and interior compartments
for easy storage.

There are however some disadvantages identified
from looking over this product, the first one being that items within the first
aid kit are stacked on top of each other which means that it will be difficult
to access the correct equipment while in the ‘state of panic’ applying first
aid. A second disadvantage is that when I opened the first aid kit for the
first time it was slightly confusing as you expect the whole front to hinge
open but only part of the front opens. In addition to this when you do open the
first aid kit and access the contents some of the first aid equipment are
placed tightly in place and appeared to be difficult to remove quickly, which
is what you expect to happen when you are trying to apply first aid as fast as
you can.


” This. First Aid kit would have been
ideal, It was in a compact box with items fitted into compartments in the box.
It had a wall mounting base. Unfortunately, this product was to near to its
expired date therefore I had to return it. The staff at Screwfix were helpful
and the returns procedure was very good. ”

This review was taken from the Screw Fix website
from a customer that had bought the first aid kit, they also answered the
question stating whether or not they would recommend the product and the
customer answered yes. The particular customer gave the first aid kit a 4-star
review out of 5.

Another review from a customer on the same
website is as follows: “great item, everything you need in a first aid kit”
this person also gave the first aid kit a 4-star review.

The final review that was left on the Screw Fix page
was also rated 4-star and the comments that they left are as follows: ”
Looks good, decent box to tuck away and will almost certainly do most first aid
jobs. Plenty of space to add to, i.e. Eye wash. However, I have not used it yet
and with a little bit of time and care hopefully will not have to.” “It’s
good to have around just in case. ”


2. BS8599-1 Workplace First Aid Kit Small/Medium/Large

This first aid kit looks very outdated with the
simple traditional shaped box. The price varies from £20 – £36 depending on the
size of the first aid kit you are wanting.

There are many advantages of this first aid kit.

Guarantee compliance with the BS8599-1 standard
for the contents of Workplace First Aid Kits

Comply with, and exceed HSE minimum statutory
requirements – supplemented with additional contents to provide cover for a
typical modern workplace

Fantastic value for money – our bestselling
Workplace First Aid Kit

Green box with white cross and clear ‘First Aid’
marking for ease of identification

Recommended by the HSE for workplaces where the
minimum first aid kit requirements are not sufficient following a formal risk

Supplied in Durable moulded cases with wall
mounting brackets, hinged lids and clear contents listings

Please click the button below the image to find
the right size of kit for your business based on BS8599-1 first aid standards

The disadvantages of this product I can identify
are firstly the product does not stand out with the colour scheme, compared to
the first existing product the colours are dull, you need them to be bright so
that they stand out in any environment.

Crest Medical

Crest medical is a smaller company owned by Wallace Cameron,
this was set up to have alternative solutions into the first aid market. Their aim
is to have more than one company in the market which will then all run the
market and be dominant firms where they control the majority of the market.
Crest Medical states on their website that their mission is to be the market
leader and deliver excellence in first aid. They have a vision to lead the industry,
this will benefit them as first aid standards will then be of their standards
as they will control the market through firm dominance.

Crest Medical supply to many different customers the main
ones being: retail (Supermarkets/pharmacy chains), NHS Hospitals/ GP Surgeries,
Emergency, Occupational Health, Government Bodies, Online, Export, Sports,
Veterinary, Armed Forces and private label. ‘Over 1,000 lines in stock, 3,000
lines in the portfolio, own label and branded products at the core of our
success Sourcing & Manufacturing’ – taken straight from the crest medical
website under the section where they describe their supply chain.

There are 5 brands which make up Crest Medical. The first
one being BioSafe, innovative and easy to use products that are designed to
reduce the risk of infection from Biohazards such as body fluids and discarded
needles and syringes, the BioSafe2 range has been designed with the end user in