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Walt Disney is a renowned world entrepreneur who has affected the lives of almost everyone in the world with his work in the art industry. When he was a child, he started off by drawing the pictures of a neighbour`s horses for fun. The urge to continue with the drawing continued even during his adulthood. He tried at some point to look for a job as a newspaper cartoon artists but failed. He never gave up and later became a cartoon artist with an art studio creating ads for magazines. He later became interested and got into the animation industry which saw him rise to the entrepreneur position. His first character creation was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. The creation was however acquiredby another company since he was working under a contract. With time he later walked out on the company he worked for and started his own animation company (Anderson, et al. 2015). He was successful in his animation career, but still had the urge to create something the world had never seen. He has been actively involved in the entertainment industry in creating animations that the world has never seen. Introducing new things to the industry and creating more jobs for other people.   Reasons I admire Walt Disney One of the main reasons I admire Walt Disney is the fact that he never gave up regardless of the many times he failed. There were times he would receive a salary cut from his employers, but that did not make him lose hope. He pushed on and later quit the job to come up with his own company. Coming up with a company after walking out of another, means that Walt was determined to make a difference in the animation industry. I also admire the fact that he is a problem solver (Brouthers, Nakos, & Dimitratos, 2015). As an entrepreneur, one should not just be dependent on others, but should look for ways to solve the problems at hand. He did not stand there waiting for someone to solve his issues but looked for ways he could do that. He invented new cartoons and arts in the industry which saw him rise to grace. He used the resources he had to come up with better things to be enjoyed by others just like an entrepreneur should do. The business that Walt Disney ran was animation and cartoon creations. One of the reasons he is successful is that he took advantage of the situation he was in, saw the opportunity and utilized it. An entrepreneur should be keen on defining how well to utilize any kind of opportunity that comes along. Walt saw the gap that existed between the animation industry and its fans and sought to fill it. The entrepreneurial characteristics displayed by Walt are many including passion and motivation. He knew that he had a talent and that he would use it to make a difference in the world of animation. The motivation he had was by the gap he saw and knew that if he did not do it, another person would do it. He was also not afraid to take risks where he left a paying job to risk starting his new company. He was not certain that the company will pick well, but he took the risk. He also had the product and market knowledge since he had worked in an organization dealing with artwork (Anderson, et al. 2015). His planning skills are also effective since he knew when and how well to introduce a certain cartoon series. ?