Water one of the leading causes ofWater one of the leading causes of

is necessity of life. Every living organism on the earth needs water to
survive. Composing over 70% of the Earth’s surface, water is undeniably the
most precious natural resource that exists on our planet. Water pollution is
the cause of our uncontrolled actions and irresponsibility.  Our most precious resource is under threat
from different types of pollution that is not only affecting humans, but animal
life too. Major sources of water pollution are discharge of domestic and
agriculture wastes, population growth, excessive use of pesticides and
fertilizers. Bacterial, viral and parasitic diseases are spreading through
polluted water and affecting human health. All water pollution is dangerous to
the health of living organisms. Water pollution is very concerning since it is
one of the leading causes of death in underdeveloped countries. It’s very sad
to know that people die every day due to a lack of clean drinking water.

scarcity, death caused by contaminated water, loss of coral reef are all
problems that the world is facing, and it seems that we forget the damaging
consequence that water pollution brings to our health and to human nature, when
it should be one of the most serious problems which need immediately and
effective solutions. On the other hand, we as human neglect it by polluting our
lakes, rivers and oceans; harming our planet at a very dangerous level. Not
only can harsh chemicals pollute our water sources but also natural disasters
such as volcanoes, storms, earthquakes. Unless we can begin to preserve and
protect our bodies of water, these problems will eventually transfer over the

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It is necessary keeping,
protecting, and saving waters from being polluted. Therefore,
it is our concern to find methods to reduce the level of water pollution in our
planet. Taking
care of the world’s water is essential to the survival of all the living things
on the earth. Action to clean up the Earth’s precious water supply is delayed. Every
country in the world must begin to take action. Strategies must be made to
relieve the waters from contamination and prevent any further devastation of
the one and only source of water that Earth has. Interventions that can be
taken towards this problem are the development of policies and regulations to
stop the passage of pollutants into the water. However, it’s not sufficient, individuals
must also take their own actions. Examples include using products that do not
cause harm to the waters and correct ways of disposing harmful products. The
action taken now will not only benefit the planet by making it cleaner and safer,
but for generations to come.

It’s important to act as
early as now. Not to wait until the time where people are going to be
competing to get sufficient, fresh and clean water. Thus, let’s be disciplined
and responsible enough to save, protect and conserve not only sources of water
but also mother nature. It is critical to realize how important mother nature
is because it is our only source of living. Not destroy it nor pollute it. Let
us act for a change. Definitely, there are many simple ways in how we can help.
A proper waste disposal system would be an effective way of reducing
water pollution. Also, educational and awareness programs should be organized
to prevent and control the damage that has already been made. Take a look at
ourselves and realize what we are doing wrong. Make changes ourselves before we
establish changes in our nature. We have to act right now before it is too
late. If we start now, preserving and protecting our water
sources, we can avoid these problems in their entirety and we can ensure clean
drinking water for future generations.