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We are here at Yankee Stadium to hear about Babe
Ruth, one of the greatest hitters of all time. In the 1920s baseball was one of
the most prominent sports in the United States. It was the United States’
national pastime but the sport had just gotten a bad image. There was the 1919
White Sox game fixing scandal hanging over everyone’s heads going into the new
decade. There needed to be a new hero in the sport. Baseball in America needed
a new face of the game and the sport was about to find one. Before the 1920
season Babe Ruth was sold from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees. In
New York Ruth became one of the most famous players in the history of the

Ruth has always been known for all of his records in hitting but no one has
ever really known much else about his life. Babe grew up as an orphan in
Baltimore, Maryland. Story has it that Ruth’s parents lost six of his siblings
during infancy and that only he and his sister Mary Margaret survived. Ruth was
sent to live at St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys and he stayed at that
school until he signed with the Baltimore Orioles in February 1914. Only 5
months after joining the Orioles he would be on his way into the Major Leagues.
In March of that same year he hit his first professional home run during a game
in Fayetteville, NC. As everyone knows that would just be the first of many home
runs for Ruth.

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      In July of 1914 Babe Ruth was sold from
the Baltimore Orioles to the Boston Red Sox where he made his debut as a
pitcher. While in Boston Babe continued to shine as both a hitter and as a
pitcher. During his career in Boston he hit 49 home runs and had 230 RBIs. He
also pitched1188.7 innings and struck out 483 batters. He was having a great
career but then one of the most famous sales of all time in sports history
happened. On January 3, 1920 Babe Ruth was sold to the New York Yankees. In New
York Ruth went from a good hitter to one of the greatest hitters of all time.

While playing for the New York Yankees Babe Ruth won
seven American League championships and four World Series. During that same
time his former team the Boston Red Sox began to go into a drought of
championships. Most New York and Boston fans have said that the Great Bambino
had put a curse on the Red Sox when they sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. Babe
Ruth went by many names while playing in the Major Leagues. He was referred to
as the Great Bambino, the Sultan of swat, and the Colossus of Clout. During his
time with the Yankees he played more in the outfield than he did as a pitcher.
He was better known for his hitting stats than anything else. While with the
Yankees he hit 659 home runs and had 1971 RBIs. When he finally retired he had
the record for the most home runs of anyone in the Major Leagues. Only a year
after his retirement he was already being inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Babe Ruth had one of the greatest careers and everyone throughout history
should know about his career.