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We are all surrounded by science in our daily life.
Science helps to solve problems and explains things happen in the universe
through observations and experiments. Forensic Science is the use of scientific
knowledge to solve crimes. I have a strong interest in science along with criminal
studies. I also enjoyed conducting a scientific experiment in my previous science
classes because experiment turns questions into answers and satisfy my
curiosity. Being influenced by films, books and shows and having the desire to determine
the truth, I decided to study Forensic Science.

I am deeply attracted by the crime scene
investigations course. The crime scene is a mysterious and important environment
for evidence collection because it is where the crimes happened. I did like to
know the process of investigating a crime scene and the techniques for handling
evidence. I am also fascinated by the digital forensics course. I want to know
how Forensic Science works on the digital devices.

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I had studied Chemistry between high school and
college. Forensic Science is related to the study of chemistry. Chemistry experiments
carry out by forensic scientists to analyse medicine, paint and fibre
fragments using chemical substances. I believe, my understanding and study
experiences in Chemistry will help me a lot during the progression of studying
Forensic Science.

I have always been active in extracurricular. During
my college year, I was the publicity director of the Environmental Club, member
of the chess club and Taekwondo Club. I often did community services during the
gaps between my college classes or after school. As well as improving my
communication skill I also learnt to construct plans, manage time wisely and
solve problems effectively. I also participated in the bridge building
competition with my college classmates. We had done a lot of research and
experiments to find out the best construction method to build a stable bridge
model. As a result, we got the third place in the competition. The ability to
work in a team is the main circumstance of our success.

I love playing puzzle games during my leisure time.
Playing and solving puzzles have many advantages. Puzzle games challenge our
thinking and exercise our minds. I enjoy playing jigsaw puzzles and I can spend
the whole day and night in puzzle solving as showing my perseverance and the ability
to work independently. Having the power of concentration with plenty of
patience, I believe I can become a good forensic scientist who can handle the long
period of investigations and experimental jobs. I am willing to accept new
challenges. I feel excited to overcome the challenges when solving a puzzle. The
more challenge it is, the more excited I am. It brings so much satisfaction for
me when a puzzle has been completed. This satisfaction acts as the booster of
self-confidence, giving enough courage for me to face and overcome the
difficulties in my life.

By completing my undergraduate degree, I hope to
become the member of the crime-solving team and work my way up the corporate
ladder. I am also considering the possibility to continue studying in a
postgraduate course after completing my undergraduate degree.

Forensic Science is more interesting and challenging
compared to the normal science as it shows how scientific methods use to investigate
the crime scenes, examine evidence and identify suspects in order to solve the
criminal cases. I will work hard to overcome all the obstacles, and I believe, I
have the qualities to become a successful forensic scientist in my future.