We following facts that are sole causesWe following facts that are sole causes

We the representatives of the Romanian people, organized as a
Romanian Democratic Front, stand here today in front of you, the Romanian
government, as we decided to finally speak up. We are perfectly aware that by
doing so, we are risking our liberty and even our lives, but we feel compelled to
demand you to reverse our country’s political state before it is too late. Our
president Nicolae Ceausescu isolated Romania and transformed it into a country
of physical hardship by keeping the entire nation in a tight rein – starving our
people and letting the sick ones die without proper medical assistance, imprisoning
or killing those who dare to oppose his restrictions, closing the borders of
our country, restricting free speech as well as any kind of access to
information. The Communist Party and Secret Service – the Securitate – became
mere instruments of his dictatorship for carrying out his goal to pay the
country’s foreign debt at the expense of our people’s lives. His history of
ruling Romania for over two decades is one of repeated usurpations of the
Romanian people, having an absolute tyranny over our country.

We, the Romanian Democratic Front, recognize and proclaim, in the
presence of the government, the following facts that are sole causes of this
political revolution:

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1. People are starving as
Ceausescu’s unfair rationalized food and newly introduced “scientific diet” are
insufficient for the population’s bare minimum required consumption. Romanians
have to wait in long lines to purchase their rationed food, however, their food
stamps do not guarantee that they will receive it, because the stores never
receive a sufficient amount of products (tourofcommunism.com). Ceausescu’s
“scientific diet” allows each individual a maximum daily intake of 150 grams of
meat, three grams of margarine, two cups of flour, 1 medium sized potato, a
small fruit of a size of a tennis ball, and once every three days, an egg. Similarly
to how food is rationalized, individuals are allowed three grams of soap per
day and ten grams of detergent, which means that a full load is to be washed
every ten days (thisfoodie.com).


2. Our young children and
elderlies are dying due to malnutrition and poor health care services. Those
who can’t stand in line for food are practically sentenced to die as the
Communist Party does not provide them any social help or medical assistance. To
further add to this issue, pregnant women are not well nourished and the lack
of routine pregnancy drugs/medical attention lead to babies with birth defects
who eventually end up in orphanages (standford.edu). Moreover, there is a
widespread discrimination against aged people in health care as hospitals and
physicians do not find it important to treat those who are over sixty years old
(countrystudies.us). In fact, when calling 911 for emergencies, the first
question is “How old is the patient?”, and if the patient is over sixty years
of age, the first responders treat this case as a non-emergency and do not come
to provide first-aid.  


3. Our newspapers are
controlled by the Securitate which allows only propaganda to be published. Television
and radio stations are censored and full of your political propaganda which sustains
that the Romanian people are very happy to have such a good ruler like Nicolae
Ceausescu. However, we stand here today to reveal the unspoken truth. History
is falsified by the Communist party in schools and newspapers and literature is
censored as writers whose works are not “politically correct” from the
Communist point of view are not allowed to print their books (procesulcomunismului.com).
In one instance, the classical Romanian writer, Mihai Eminescu, a poet from the
19th century, is accepted by your Party, but some of his writings are not available
in libraries as they are not in agreement with your policies.


4. As you know, Ceausescu’s
regime banned abortions and contraceptives to keep the population from
shrinking after World War II. He ordered that women
should be subject to regular gynecological exams at work to detect pregnancies
before a possible abortion. As a result of his reinforcements, we have an estimated one hundred thousand children in our poverty-stricken orphanages.
Although it is unjust to decide on behalf of all women, Ceausescu announced, “The
fetus is the property of the entire society… Anyone who avoids having children
is a deserter who abandons the laws of national continuity.” Essentially,
fertility had turned into an instrument of state control as the Securitate imprisoned
doctors who performed abortions and pregnant women who did not give birth (theguardian.com).


5. Our voting process is
corrupt as we have just one candidate – Nicolae Ceausescu and one party – the
Communist Party – to choose from in the voting bulletin. You all know how you
have been elected in your current political positions, as the people of Romania
have been forced to vote for you unconditionally and against their will. Your elections
are falsely organized because the government receives 99% of the votes and the
Communist Party ends up being the only legal political party allowed to exist
in this country (Britannica.com).


6. You make our people suffer
harsh punishments when they raise their voices against the communist regime by throwing
them in prison or even killing them. You do not allow us to assemble or freely
discuss our hardships as well as the nations’ problems. Those who dare to do
so, such as Petre Mihai Bacanu, a journalist involved in the publishing of an
illegal newspaper, or  Doina Cornea, an
active voice against totalitarianism in Romania, were sentenced to prison (procesulcomunismului.com).
To further add, Cornea asked for international aid for the Romanian society and
wanted Ceausescu to make significant changes or to resign from his position.
Besides the fact that she was imprisoned, Cornea revealed, in a letter to her
daughter, that she was brutally beaten by the police and threatened with death (en.gariwo.net).


7. You restricted most of the
Romanian people to travel abroad, to hold foreign currencies and to have any
contacts with foreigners by closing the country’s borders. We know that the Securitate
is closely monitoring all Romanian citizens, particularly those with foreign
connections. If caught trying to leave the country, we are sentenced to torture
and many years in prison (rolandia.eu).


8. Our country has a state-owned
economy where almost all our jobs are under government control. Essentially,
any person who wants a good job must be a Communist Party member. This is why a
lot of us joined the Communist Party – for new opportunities and a better life,
not because we truly believe in the ideology of communism. Furthermore, in
order to keep these jobs, we are forced to participate in your organized mass
rallies, demonstrating that we are in favor of the regime (procesulcomunismului.com).


9. Those of us who are forced
to be members of the Communist Party are forbidden to believe in God or attend
religious services in the Church. When getting married, we are not allowed to
have a religious ceremony in the Church, but rather just a civil gathering. In
fact, going to Church is illegal for Communist members. Ultimately, if a
Communist member was to go to Church against your policy, he/she will risk
being seen by or reported to a member of the Securitate, which would eventually
result in losing their job and being arrested (rolandia.eu).   


We, the Romanian Democratic Front, propose to the government the following
rights of people:

Ceausescu to resign from current position effective immediately and democracy
should overrule communism.

rationing of food to become null effective immediately, all people to be allowed
to purchase food as needed.

improved health care system and medical assistance to be provided to all people
without age limitations.

people should have freedom of speech, press, and the right to assembly.

shall be legal and accessible to all women without any repercussions.

multi-party system with free elections for all people.

All political
detainees must be released from your prisons. Every person should be considered
innocent until proven guilty by the law and an unbiased court.

borders must be open and all oversea traveling must be allowed.

should have the freedom to choose their jobs based on affinity and ability.

People are
born free, must remain free and equal in rights.

11.       Any religion must be accepted; people shall
choose and live their faith based upon their own beliefs.

Ultimately, if you the Romanian government, choose not to take
immediate action to stop his tyranny, the Romanian people gathered outside will
bear arms and fight until the end to bring down the Communism, by removing
Dictator Ceausescu from power and replace the existing system with democracy.
All of us united must eliminate the communist regime and take this country into
a new historical stage, promoting the rule of law, democracy and respect for
the rights and freedoms of people.