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We live in the 21st century where we experience a considerable measure of issues because of duplication in worldwide populace development. One of the primary hindrances is condition consumption and depletion of common assets because of human exercises. Be that as it may, our Nation’s pioneers and individual subject are drawing nearer to an understanding that we should work towards the issues, for example, contamination, atmosphere changes, and the diminishing measure of common assets can be procrastinated on for a future age. Furthermore, now groups are entering a world that is marked “The Third Industrial Revolution”, as society moved from non-renewable energy sources in the Second Industrial Revolution to sustainable power source age, advances in reasonable, keen groups. For instance, groups in China and Spain are absolutely feasible through open arrangements that shoulders sustainable power source control age. Additionally, Japan because of its past financial and political history understood the centrality of preserving the normal assets and monitoring our condition started looking for ecologically cordial advances for its own vitality control utilizes for structures and vehicles which prompted the innovation of half and half auto in 1990s in Japan. In the Third Industrial Revolution to achieve a more beneficial, cleaner and ideally longer future “Green Technology” has been actualized. Green Technology is characterized as the usage of the earth science for the feasible improvement of items, frameworks and gear that incorporates all parts of living with a specific end goal to save our groups for future age other than lessening the troublesome effects on nature because of some human exercises. Besides, “Green Technology” is perceived as a piece of “Green Revolution”. Practical advancement ended up noticeably known as the “Green Revolution” which started more than two decades back with the UN Brundtland Report and Green Revolution is prevalently known to the overall population through an American narrative film, “An awkward Truth” winning both an Academy Award and a Noble Peace Prize in 2007. Green Technology assumes a noteworthy part in improving our present and future through numerous practices. Be that as it may, there are a great deal of boundaries in accomplishing every one of the objectives of Green Technology on which government are cultivating towards. Nature is hustling towards the stumbling time when we would for all time harm the planet earth if human exercises are not done in reasonable way. Reply to these issue is Green Technology. Keeping the objectives of accomplishing a feasible situation subsequently manageable life there are quantities of training done by Green Technology. The practices are in the vitality area, building segment, bargains on water and waste administration part, Transport segment. Sustainable power source is a key part of supportability for structures, as well as regarding foundations. It is notable how interconnected the world is and the vitality require to keep it moving. As stated, “The move to a cleaner vitality economy won’t occur without any forethought, and it will require intense decisions en route. Yet, the verbal confrontation is settled. Environmental change is a reality. What’s more, when our youngsters’ kids look at us without flinching and inquire as to whether we did everything we could to leave them a more secure, more steady world, with new wellsprings of vitality, I need us to have the capacity to state yes, we did.”— U.S. President Barack Obama, State of the Union, January 28, 2014. It is an obligation of each person to work towards accomplishing manageability by utilizing maintainable vitality. It should be possible, and must be done, at the group level. Commitment of a solitary individual tallies and the ways of life can be changed. Green Technology presents green power which is power produced from assets, for example, sunlight based, wind, geothermal, sea, biomass and low-affect hydro offices which did not depend on petroleum products and empowers power clients to quicken establishment of sustainable power source innovations. California is a decent case of where little groups are presently creating their own vitality from sustainable sources, for example, wind and sun oriented. While in the sloping zone like Bhutan, power is created from the stream water stream. Also, in the building area there are a considerable measure of green innovation rehearses that achieves feasible group and life. As expressed that no nation on the planet will have the capacity to achieve carbon dioxide-diminishment focuses without including the building segment into their arrangement of activity by Dr Arab Hoballah at the International Green Buildings Conference in Singapore, a United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) master on December 15, 2009. Green innovation secures the maintainable working by introducing vitality proficiency, indoor condition quality in which the utilization of low unpredictable natural compound materials, appropriate control of air temperature, practicing of value air filtration, supportable site arranging and administration for reasons like ensuring ecologically touchy zones, material assets with a specific end goal to upgrade the utilization of earth cordial materials and furthermore to develop legitimate waste administration stockpiling and water effectiveness which accentuate on water gathering and water reusing, and so on. Thirdly, Transport area is one of the central point to be considered in ensuring our condition. Putting green innovation into training individuals have concocted numerous approaches to upgrade transports in practical way. For instance, Porsche All Electric Car that was concocted in 1903 decreasing the air contamination. There are four mainstays of Green Technology arrangement. These are Energy, Environment, Economy and Social. Human exercises adds to the consumption of envirnonment and regular assets, a portion of the major worldwide ecological difficulties are environmental change, contracting normal territories, biodiversity, fatigue of common biodiversity, and so on. Green Technology concocted a considerable measure of thoughts to preserve our condition while likewise satisfying human needs in this way, decreasing the unsafe generation of carbon dioxide into the air. Moreover, another preferred standpoint of Green Technology is that it is inexhaustible which satisfy the objective of monitoring it for the future age and they get the chance to appreciate everything that we approached. Since Green innovation is more on sustainable sources like so9olar, wind, geothermal, and so on there won’t be carbon dioxide discharge noticeable all around subsequently, decreasing the a worldwide temperature alteration. As the an unnatural weather change is diminished, issues, for example, surge and increment in ocean level because of liquefying of icy masses on the mountain won’t be caused. For instance, nation like Bhutan the main carbon impartial nation on the planet still faces the deterrents of icy masses dissolving on the mountains because of the neighboring nations who creates a great deal of carbon dioxide every day prompting an unnatural weather change. We are in this together and each Nation ought to adjust Green Technology to carry on with a manageable life and furthermore to moderate for our future. In spite of a great deal of advantages of Green Technology, it requires less upkeep so it’s financially sensible. Eventhough, there are a great deal of reasons why Green Technology ought to be viewed as a standout amongst the most required in this time, there are a ton of hindrances halting Green Technology. A portion of the hindrances looked by Green Technology are Commercialization obstructions, unequal government dies down and assesses, Market Failure to esteem open advantages of renewables, absence of data, Institutional boundaries, High exchange cost, Transmission costs, Green market Limits, and so forth commercialization is an immense boundary to Green Technology because of the cost it force to construct foundation along these lines expanding the cost of inexhaustible power. In addition, another obstruction is the charges, since the expenses forced on the use of non-renewable energy source is less exorbitant than the sustainable sources it’s no ifs ands or buts that a great many people will go for non inexhaustible assets. As per an exploration done by the Energy Information Administration in 1992 found that, amid financial year 1992, coordinate government dies down totaled $8 billion, with renewables getting around 33% as much as coal and short of what one quarter as much as flammable gas. Market inability to esteem open advantages of renewables. Few out of every odd one will pay more to something that is reasonable in light of the fact that they need to breath in an indistinguishable air from ones who don’t try to pay. An individual paying for societal advantages will be considerably less because of the market cost of the inexhaustible sources is more. Encourage progressively, another boundary is absence of data. One ought to be made mindful of green innovation since it has as of late developed and very few have enough data on it which may cause some misinterpretation and might feel that inexhaustible sources are less dependable. This elements are the hindrances to advancing Green Technology. In any case, go