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We think the time to start a new loving family, his monthly income no
matter how much it is. How to get a job in her late also can not be any
issue. I would love it to handle the rest, this is still a lot of
thinking in the youth had married carrier. As
shown in unemployment due to the separation of love through our
entertainment, whether in real life, no matter unemployment. Many
marriage did not last without proper study. Woman to stand on their own
feet, and marriage between people who are not found, the woman herself
does not think marriage should be self-sufficient. After marriage, the
results of the cost of living minimum standards to protect the market is
called without having a drink. About its inevitable impact.However, it
is not just the lack of money, may be a plethora of spoil the whole
relationship. The financial impact of the issue.Stress-Stress
gives money to both men and women. The American Psychological
Association study found that 67% of men and 66% women, stress is the
main cause of their financial status. Stress makes you forgetful of this
relationship. The mood is irritable all the time due to stress. As a
result, the relationship tends to be a waste of beauty.Insecurity-According
to the writings of Kate Forbes, causing the corruption of money is
another thing about it is the insecurity. Unfortunately, we always deny
the impact of not having the money. Even if someone expresses negative
seen it. But it is the reality. It is not possible for anyone to go out
and realities. A couple times, no one in the family who are not in
employment, economic pull can cause. The question of eligibility is
made, leads to bitterness.Levinson advises couples to be aware of both
the income, so that they can overcome this and you can always hold an
honorable position.Understanding the Rise-According
to Deborah Price, author, you become a burden to her family income is
more than you can stand. It may cost you more than your family, because
he has been carrying. They are fed a lot of time and a lot of time to do
it than the ties do not.Because they do not want them to be read more
financial crisis.Try-Psychologist and author of
Psychology Today wrote, today we began to judge the people with the
money. Some people say this all the time is the absence of love. Some
people wander promotes financial solvency. Both are harmful to your
image. With these you will begin to judge the people. Therefore, it is
wise not to disclose the financial position.Privacy Policy-Partner
to conceal the financial situation can be damaging to your
relationship. It goes to the question of trust or confidence. Many
partners do not want to highlight his main financial situation. The
separate bank account, to conceal information about the financial cost
of marriage has become a sensitive issue.