We their independence and exploring their identity.We their independence and exploring their identity.

live in a society where it has become normal to see a twelve-year-old child
smoking a cigarette.  We try to spread awareness
about the danger of tobacco, but at the same time a huge tobacco company, like Philip
Morris, is putting up their billboard signs encouraging people to buy their
products. Billboards and magazines lure teenagers to smoke by using teen idols
and appealing photos in their ads. Each day in the United States, approximately
four thousand adolescents aged 12–17 try their first cigarette. Most teenagers
do not realize they are slowly committing suicide whenever they start using tobacco.


of the main causes of teenage tobacco usage in today’s world is peer pressure. During
teenage years, teenagers are establishing their independence and exploring
their identity. A lot of teens seek the approval of their peers and worry about
not fitting in with the popular group. The Canadian Lung Association found that
70 percent of teens who smoke, have friends who smoke or started smoking
because of peer pressure. Teens who get their peers hooked do so by giving them
what they want to hear. They often say that tobacco is cool and that they would
fit in by using tobacco and they would become best friends. Though, pressure does
not only come from peers, it can also come from parents. Many teens have been
influenced by their parents and think because their parents are doing it, it is
okay for them to do it as well. Twenty three percent of parents that smoke
believe their child or children will smoke as an adult as well, many people
believe that children learn by example.

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            Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the
United States. There are countless amounts of health risks involved for several
reasons. Tobacco contains a stimulant called nicotine, which is highly addicting.
It does not matter if tobacco is smoked, dipped, or rolled, any form of tobacco
is harmful. Teenage smokers suffer from shortness of breath almost three times
as often as teens who don’t smoke. Tobacco is known to cause many types of
cancers. That is because of the many cancer-causing chemicals that are in
tobacco products. Out of 4,000 chemicals in cigarettes, 2,000 of them are poisonous
to the human body. Tar, made from burnt tobacco, can cause lung cancer and
other serious diseases that affect breathing.


            Teens should not use any tobacco products because it can
affect their young life and their future life. Every day, nearly four thousand adolescents
try their first cigarette. Although they should not, teens are often pressured
into tobacco usage from their peers. They are persuaded into it by being
promised a spot in the popular crowd. Teens who grew up with smoking parents, can
become influenced by it. Smoking can cause teen smokers to struggle more often
with shortness of breath than normal teens. While teens are filling themselves
up with a drug that slowly kills them, society takes every moment to glamorize tobacco.