We this statement.It is the students choiceWe this statement.It is the students choice

 We all know eventually everyone has to get a job to make a living.Jobs are good things because it gives us a source of income and it helps us support our family.Do you have a job while you were in school?People have been arguing that students should not be able to get a job while in school.I tend to disagree with this statement.It is the students choice to pick if they want to do a job or not.The people who want the students to not have a job are not reasonable.They are not putting them in the ¨shoes of the person¨.I am going to show everyone why people should be able to work while in school.   First,why is everyone against this?While students work during high school they will be able to afford college.According to Huffpost.com 23% of high school students cannot go to college for 2-4 years because of financial issues.You may ask how much does college actually cost?According to the College Board the average tuition for private schools is $34,740,for state resident college is $9,970,and for out of state residents it will be $25,620.College is expensive and it is impossible for low wage families to afford college.Students who take a job while in school will help get their way in college.They could save enough money to get into college and not be the 23% of high school students to not get in college.If people actually start working the 23% of students will  eventually lower and more people would be allowed to continue their education.   Secondly,having a job while in school will help the student learn important life lessons.You can learn lesson like time skills,money saving,and how to work for a living.All of these skills a job can teach you.Also,taking a job can teach you responsibility.According to New York times 40% of students are missing from school because of work.The percentage could lower if students take a job and learn how to be responsible and how manage time.Doing this the 40% will lower majorly and more students will know that they must show up to school.Maybe the people don’t come to school because they sleep in.When they have a job their time management skill will be helpful in work and for school.The student will be able to wake up early and be able to finish  homework on time.Jobs offer great opportunities to teach life skills that will help students.  Finally,there are some issues that can occur while students have a job.While students work during school they dropout because they focus on work.According to American Community Survey a third of 563,000 dropout to work.All these people dropout and lose the opportunity to continue their education.According to,CNN Money 8.4 million people get a job with a bachelors degree and 80,000 people get a job with a high school diploma.Continuing their education will allow the students to get better jobs and earn a lot more money than the job they had while they were working during school.  To conclude,students should be able to have a job while in school.For example,they will be able to earn money for college and be able to learn important life skills like time management.Even if lots of people drop out because of their jobs,jobs while in school is good because it will help you further your education and allow you to pay for the financial purchases that needs to be done.I have stated many facts to present why students should be able to work while in school.Also,it is not your choice if they work.It is the student and their parents.What do you think?Do you believe that students should be able to work during school?