What great idea. He is the directorWhat great idea. He is the director

What is The ChampCoin(TCC)?As we are living in the digital era, where people are becoming tech-savvy by using e-commerce websites, dealing with online transactions, and are beginning to trust these electronics, thus boosting the demand of the new crypto currency – The Champcoin, the future of currencies.Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security purposes. A striking feature that makes it different from other currency is that, it is not issued by any central authority thus it is immune to Government interference and manipulations. Currently, it is centralized but after one year it will become completely decentralized.ValueAs of now, the market value of one champ coin is 5.79 RS(INR) or 0.00001420 BTC or $0.09 USD. It is the fastest growing cryptocurrency of all times. The first coin was issued for 0.34 RS(INR) in January 2017 and after this the rate is increasing. A total number of 100 Crore Champcoins will come into the market in the next 4 years.HistoryMahesh Verma is the man behind this great idea. He is the director of Champion Networks and has developed an application to refer and earn Champcash.How TCC works?TCC works in the same way as bitcoin does.TCC transactions are sent from and to electronic Champcoin wallet, and are digitally signed for security. Everyone on the network get to know about a transaction, and the history of a transaction can be traced back to the point where the TCC were produced. Champcoins don’t exist physically, so a person possessing TCC’s do not actually have TCC in their wallets or hard drives .TCCs are just used for the transactions between addresses that are recorded.A transaction contains 3 parts:Address of the sender’s champcoin wallet.Amount that has been sentAddress of receiver’s walletTo send TCC, we need two things: address and a private key. Unlike the champcoin addresses, key is kept secret. Thus to send coins user enter their private key along with the input, amount, and output. Every transaction that is made is stored in a vast public ledger called the block chain.Blockchain TechnologyBlockchain is a type of database that store transactions –which is accessible by all the computers in a shared network, thus sometimes referred to as a ‘distributed ledger’. Data is stored in structures called ‘blocks’. The important parts of a block are:Header: includes metadata, such as a unique block reference number, the time the block was created and a link back to the previous block.Content:contains a validated list of digital assets and instruction statements, such as transactions made, their amounts and the addresses of the parties to those transactions.From the new block, we are able to access all the previous blocks that were linked together in the chain, so it maintains the complete history of all the transactions that have been executed since the very first one – making it data verifiable and independently examinable. As the number of participants grows, it becomes difficult for malignant users to overcome the verification activities of the majority. Therefore the network is becoming increasingly robust and secure.https://blockgeeks.com/guides/what-is-blockchain-technology/How new Champcoins are generated?Champcoins are generated in two ways:POW (Proof of Work): probability of mining a block depends on how much work is done by the miner.POS (Proof of stake): probability depends on how much coin a miner holds.Champcoins are produced using 50% POW and 50% POS whereas Bitcoins are produced using 100% POW.Characteristics of TCCIt is centralized (Will Be Decentralized after 1 year).It is completely transparent.Transaction fees are miniscule.In every 6 month you get 9% return up to next 5 years.Secure cryptocoin at minimum cost.