What meet a customer need, and how

What has changed
online for iTunes to meet a customer need, and how has it changed?


iTunes first launched on
April 28th, 2003. It was a vison for Apple to give customers an
online store where you can download music. In 2003, iTunes gave 200,000 songs
where people could move music onto the iPod. iTunes sold over 70 million songs
in the first year of its release.

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In 2005, over one billion
music videos were sold just 20 days after them being introduced in that same
year. Then in 2006, 1 billion songs were downloaded, 4 years later over 10
billion songs were then downloaded. On iTunes there is currently around
37,000,000 songs on there and they are all from different genres of music, for
example pop, rock and r&b.


Why it has changed?


iTunes has changed for many
reasons. Such as, the company have been getting more money flowing into the
business via their app and so people from all over the world as well as people
that like a specific genre of music can listen to it as there are many genres available
on the iTunes store. If they are receiving more money coming into the business
that means that they can make the required alterations to the application to
make customers satisfied which could then cause current owners of apple products
to recommend it to friends and family. This can then result in getting even
more money and ultimately give apple a chance to make changes that are for the


What has changed
online for iTunes to meet another customer need, and how has it changed?


In recent times customers
have expressed a need to have access to thousands of different songs of all
types. iTunes therefore introduced ‘Apple Music’ which is similar to a rival application
called ‘Spotify premium’. This new application allows customers to be able to
download practically every song that has ever been recorded for a monthly price
of £10.99 to their chosen device.


Why it has changed?


The main reason for change is
to ensure that Apple keep up with the latest trends in consumer demands. I-Tunes
and Apple developed ‘Apple music’ to make their customers experience better
than their competitors.  Apple have updated
the older iTunes systems and have improved it to become ‘Apple music’ because
they have seen that competition like Spotify have been ahead of the market with
their product and they needed to keep on top of the competition.



What has changed
online for iTunes because of a change in technology, and how has it changed?


In recent years, technology
has improved dramatically, for example, WIFI has become more efficient around
the world, also ‘Bluetooth’ has made a huge impact which allows people to
listen to music through wireless headphones and speakers, these improvements
have enhanced the consumers experience and lifestyle.


Why it has changed?


and technology has changed because of many reasons, such as there are much more
people who are wanting to listen to music through WIFI and not using up their
data on phones, with iTunes introducing Apple Music it has helped people listen
to music without wasting their data. By changing iTunes systems to things such
as Apple Music it also helps Apple gain more money for the company as so many
people will be using it.



What has changed
online for iTunes because of another change in technology, and how has it





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