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What is child abuse?  The definition of Child abuse is widespread and can occur in any cultural, ethnic, or income group. Child abuse can be physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual. It can also result from neglect. Abuse can result in serious injury to the child and possibly even death.  There are many forms of child abuse.  Physical, emotional, and sexual harm are forms of child abuse.Physical abuse involves non-accidental harming of a child, for example, beating, and or breaking of bones.  Verbal abuse invoices threatening physical or sexual acts and or belittling a child. Emotional abuse results from multiple acts of child abuse.  Studies show that girls more than boys are sexually abused before they are 18 years old.  One in 20 children are physically abused. Child neglect, Emotional neglect, and medical neglect are also other forms of child abuse.  Child abuse is when the child is not provided for, meaning no food or clothing is being provided.  Emotional neglect is not loving or showing comfort or affection for the child/children.  Medical neglect occurs when medical care is not provided.  There are many households that have encountered  at least one form of child abuse.  Some kids don’t even know that they are a victim of child abuse.  In the story Forged by Fire Gerald was neglected because his mom always would leave the house to drink or she would bring men into the house. Also when gerald and angel were home with monique she said she went out to party but she went to drink.Next when Gerald set the house on fire she wasn’t there to protect him.Gerald was physical abuse when he moved in with jordan he slapped him in the face. Also in the last chapter jordan was fighting gerald and he kicked him with his new boots and broke his leg.In forged by fire this scene Angel was verbally abused because jordan threatened her that he was going to kill tiger. As it stated in chapter 21 Jordan said He should of killed Gerald many years ago.In chapter 21 the author states that monique shows up so there kids don’t die in the fire. According to the chapter it was angel fought because when she was making the hot dogs she was blasting music and she didn’t know but Jordan was abusing angel while it was burning but they didn’t know the house was on fire.