What one of the curses. King TutWhat one of the curses. King Tut

What About King Tutankhamun? A long time ago, there was a king in Egypt. His name was King Tutankhamun. King Tut for short. He was the big guy. Everybody listened to him. By the time he was king, he was nine years old!! When he died, he was only nineteen years old! The people who buried King Tut and his tomb, they put a curse on it. “Whoever shall try to harm this tomb, shall die!” That was only one of the curses.  King Tut and his tomb In the year 2015, National Geographic sent out a video telling people that they may have found King Tut’s tomb. And, sure enough, they found King Tut’s tomb. Nobody could touch it. He was 3,000 years old!! He was very fragile. Only the people they could trust could pick the tomb up. If they accidentally touch him, his DNA might be ruined and then we wouldn’t know all this important facts about King Tut. Also, if someone ruined King Tut’s DNA, i wouldn’t be writing this paper.The Layers of King Tut’s Tomb The layers of King Tut’s tomb are unbelievable! Back then, you wouldn’t have so many layers on your tomb! (if you could afford it.) If you were poor, you got to be buried instead of getting to get buried in a tomb. If you were rich, you got buried in a tomb with something. As in something I mean like you can get buried with your jewls, your pet, really anything!King Tut’s Mummification But before you can get buried in a tomb, he had to get mummified. If you get mummified, you have to pay to get mummified. Just like you had to pay to get things buried in your tomb with you. King Tut’s mummification was done well. Their doctors took their time with his mummification, unlike others. Sometimes, on other people, when they got mummified, they didn’t care how well they did, but on the kings and queens, they cared. King Tut’s maskKing Tut had a mask when he got buried in his tomb. It was made of gold and could fit King Tut’s head. (Thank goodness!) You only got a mask if you were a king or queen. When you had a mask, that meant that you meant that you were a king or queen. The mask would be your style and you made the style. Then, when you die, people put the mask on your head and then, you and the mask are buried in the tomb. King Tut’s TravelsKing Tut has traveled EVERYWHERE!! He is one of the most famous mummies in the world!!! King Tut is in the Egyptian Museum. He has traveled to a lot of places. One of the places he has been in is where he was buried. (DUHHH!!! He was supposed to be there!!) People have moved him a lot so he has been to a lot of plNow, I challenge you to go find something that you don’t know a lot about, and learn something new about it.