What or a way to express emotions.

What is Writing, is it a form of communication, a form of expression, or a way to express emotions. One could argue that writing is all three of these examples, but one could also argue against them all as well. This is because writing is unique to the person behind the pen when one uses this tool that person defines it and all that it means.To understand what writing is we must first understand what is good writing, and what do good writers do. Writers must be able to effectively communicate a message or idea in as clear of details as you can. For without a clear message one’s idea can get lost in the jumble of words this is one aspect of writing that I myself struggle with at times as I find it hard to stay on the path. Good writers are however able to define their ideas in a clear precise path that doesn’t stray from their focus. With a detailed plan of where they want the story to end writers can bring the reader to the conclusion of there focus without much explaining. A good example of this is tieing up loss ends at the ending of a story there is a shred of truth to the statement a story is only as good as its ending. A writer is also able to express their idea through words without confusing the reader as which you can tell this is not something I’m very capable of doing at this time as my writing skill when applied to the first person is abysmal. Writing at its core is a language it can express emotions, document events, tell stories, define a person and so much more. A picture may tell a thousand words, but a book can change a life. My writings skills may not be up to par with the greats of history, however, I feel my understanding of what a good writer is and does along with my willingness to learn the craft of writing may one day help me to gain an understanding of the work they performed. Even the greats of Hemingway, Tolkien, Chaucer, and Lewis would agree that.  Writing is such a powerful tool, that to fully understand its power and impact on the world would take a lifetime of study and only after one’s death could you fully understand it.

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