What that controls how broadband is classified.What that controls how broadband is classified.

What is Net Neutrality? When this comes to mind, many may think of it as some law that removes anything offensive on the Internet or gives everyone equal rights online. While it sounds like that, net neutrality is actually a very important rule to our online freedom. Net neutrality was created to allow the government to regulate the internet and control websites. It states that internet service providers must give every website equal internet speeds and not make “fast and slow lanes.” It also states that companies like Verizon and Comcast can’t charge someone to access a certain website. Without these laws, every major internet provider company could practically control the Internet. Over the past few months, the current Federal Communications Commision has been doing suspicious things to try to repeal net neutrality. If people want to get online and look up anything, Net Neutrality needs to be saved.           Net neutrality is a rule made in 2014 that controls how broadband is classified. With net neutrality, it is classified as “common carrier.” This means telecom companies can not charge extra for faster internet speeds and must treat all websites the same. Before net neutrality was passed, there were some companies that were driving up bandwidth and slowing internet speeds for certain websites. Comcast throttling Netflix is an example. In 2014, Comcast was slowing Netflix down because they were competition to Comcast streaming service. Netflix eventually had to pay up so they could be available to the public again. Since net neutrality was passed, things have been pretty good except for a few content issues. You can get on the internet on look up anything you can imagine. All of this is because of net neutrality. In other countries like Mexico and Portugal, there is no net neutrality. People have to pay extra for a package with access to some websites or apps. Below is a picture of one of those plans. Currently, the FCC is trying to repeal net neutrality and will not listen to the public’s opinions. December 14, 2017 is the expected date when the FCC will vote on whether or not to repeal net neutrality. In this direction, you can guarantee we will be paying twice the amount to watch your shows in January.The whole reason is behind the head of it all. Ajit Pai, the FCC chairman, used to be a lawyer for Verizon before he became a commissioner for the FCC then becoming chairman after President Trump elected him. If Pai successfully repeals net neutrality, he is making his buddies at Verizons’ dreams come true. While Pai and all the other people involved with internet communications know about net neutrality, Trump doesn’t understand it. No one really understands it unless they looked deep into it. People are trying to spread the news and tell people to protest, but the FCC is taking big steps in destroying net neutrality. Some of the incriminating things they’ve done already includes identity theft. On the FCC comments page, where you can give your vote on current decisions, over two million recorded identities were used to support the repeal. They all looked like this: “The unprecedented power the Obama Administration imposed on the internet is smothering innovation, damaging the American economy and obstructing job creation, I urge the  Federal Communications Commision to end the bureaucratic regulatory overreach of the internet known as Title II and restore the bipartisan light-touch regulatory consensus that enabled the internet to flourish for more than 20 years. The plan currently under consideration at the FCC to repeal Obama’s Title II power grab is a positive step forward and will help to promote a truly free and open internet for everyone.” Even deceased people have been used years after their death. When asked about the comments, Ajit Pai changes the topic or declines to answer. Some reports may even prove that large telecom companies can’t be charged for fraud. The only people who could stop the FCC is Congress. If a vote happens, you will want to make sure your congressmen vote right.When Trump was elected president, he vowed to unravel everything Obama had done. He already removed Obamacare and made his whole government party Republican. One rule that affected everyone online was the net neutrality law. Ajit Pai claimed net neutrality is stifling innovation, hurting small businesses, and even hurting sick and disabled people. This does sound bad, which is exactly what makes people hate it. Trump knows probably as much as any average person about net neutrality. It’s common knowledge that Republicans don’t see eye with Democrats.  Trump is a more or less extremist Republican, as he went all out and did what no other candidate would’ve done in the election, claiming to build a border wall and repeal Obamacare.While no one can see into the future, we can look at Portugal and see how life would be. In this situation, internet society is like a mini-communism. People can only watch stuff regulated by telecom providers, look at controlled news, and be so successful. Anyone who tries to go big or who owns a small company would be crushed if they do not have the funds or an ISP didn’t like their company. Without net neutrality, the only people making money are successful companies and internet service providers. The big corporations like Facebook, Netflix, and Twitter could and have been  ransomed or else they would be throttled with bandwidth, and small businesses couldn’t advertise while being told they have to pay $10,000 dollars. The ISPs would be making billions of dollars a month just charging $30 to check the news. Many companies would have to shut down because they couldn’t get business. Another thing that ruins the internet is the fact that there are not any state level net neutrality laws. Every law under telecoms and communication is under federal level, so states can’t be independent without net neutrality.Each side has advantages and disadvantages, depending on your lifestyle. For the working class, a repeal would make it harder to start up a company unless it was local and popular. Putting advertisements or a website up on the internet would be harder and cost more, as there’s a chance the website would be throttled unless they pay up. The advantages this would bring would most likely be less offensive content and more real life communication. For the upper class, this would not really change anything. If you were a high position in a telecoms company, you would be making more money as the companies control the internet and can charge websites and people extra. The disadvantages of this class would probably be being threatened or attacked if you worked for an ISP, and the internet would be a lot quieter. If net neutrality isn’t repealed, there are a lot more advantages for both classes. For the working class, people can set up websites easier and make their own profits instead of working for a big company. Everyone can browse the internet freely without content blockage or being charged for a second package. ISPs wouldn’t be allowed to increase bandwidth and change access to the internet. Big companies wouldn’t have to pay to be in a fast lane, and everyone would have free internet access. The only disadvantage is that anyone can post anything to the internet, including controversial and offensive content.With net neutrality being repealed, other governments might see this as a way to control their people. Other countries have already done it. What’s stopping the entire world? Many see America and think, “I wish I could live like that.” When we lose net neutrality, the world will follow. Most of the population of the world does not understand net neutrality and would rather live a fantasy life without knowing the truth. If the repeal goes global, people will be miserable. It wouldn’t affect poor or rural countries but technological nations would have a ‘lights-out’ period. There might be anarchy or some form of revolution but it would be put down. It would take years for things to go back to how they were. Only local shops and big companies would survive.The most common way to stop the repel is to protest. Many around the nation are protesting outside Verizon stores and trying to stop them. Another way to prevent it is to contact congressmen. The only other group who can change this type of vote is Congress. Net neutrality may be the only online freedom we have, and it’s important to save it because it affects every single person, no matter what party, gender, or race. The only way the FCC can repeal net neutrality is if Congress doesn’t vote on it.In conclusion, net neutrality is an important part in our modern society. It is a basic human online right.  Net neutrality grants us freedom of speech online, the ability to read stories and news, watch entertainment and debate, and socialize through a computer.  Every day we use the internet, and everyday since 2015 we have used net neutrality rules. Without net neutrality, internet service providers can take control of the internet if they wanted to. Small businesses and start-up companies could be destroyed if a telecom company does not like it. One group of people fueled by cable companies can ruin the way we connect online and communicate across the world, just to farm some money off the American family. Even if the FCC is right about removing it, it is still good to have some extra protection for the future. Without net neutrality, we are taking away the open internet.