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What is inspiration?Inspiration is a source of positive energy that helps a person to constantly do something new, create and receive pleasure from it. How and where to look for inspiration in aperson’s everyday life – that anywhere and anyway, this source of positive energy will be enough for everyone in abundance. The problem is that people think that they do not need it, continuing every day to do what they do not like, forcing themselves to do something by force. Inspiration, however, helps to do any work, even the most difficult and unbearable with joy and happiness, while receiving a sea of ??pleasure.inspiration comes to those who are engaged in a favorite business or any other activity. When a person does not know how to look for inspiration even in his favorite work, he is doomed to failure. Inspiration is the driving force, which sometimes even motivates you to do what needs to be done no matter what. To understand how to look for inspiration, you just need to want to start looking for it, because it constantly surrounds you. Believing what it is will help you. The main thing is that even if you have depression, do not panic, as sometimes, depression is the source of inspiration if you approach it consciously and with understanding. Believe and seek inspiration in everything that surrounds you and what you like and fills your mind and soul with invisible power and joy.In fact, the sources of inspiration are not an absolute number, but you need to find something that will really inspire you throughout your happy life. The main source of inspiration is yourself. Because you create what you want and what you like. Inspiration does not come to those who are engaged in an unloved business.To find your source of inspiration, you need to make a list of everything that can inspire you. Then alternately from the list try to show this inspiration. By such a system, you become aware and find your inspiration.