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 What is moving on? According to the English dictionary, both of these are general words which mean, “go away”, “transitive”, “change to”, etc. What does moving on in life mean? Is it the change of behavior in a person, forgetting the past, development or progress. Does this even exist at the first place? Do human beings actually move on in life or do they just accept the things or situations and deal with them?


 “I was six years old when my parents got divorced. I decided to stay with mom and now, I am twenty years old. The last time I saw my dad is when I was in 7th grade. But I haven’t forgotten that I have a dad and I always believed that he exists somewhere. I have clearly accepted this fact and I am just dealing with it but I haven’t moved on”, said Rithu GS, a student of Jamnabai Narsee School. 

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Nyxa Khan, adventure sport instructor, says, “a person will walk into your life, get you exposed to certain emotions and lessons. There will come a time when it becomes mandatory for them to leave. It’s basically like the circle of life and every human will experience this circle. The way they deal with this is different. Few might forget and move on and few might just deal with it”.  

Vineeth Balakrishnan, a recording artist, says, “holding on to things which are not worth it is as good as falling into your own pit. So, it’s necessary for every human being to let go off and move on from certain things to reach the state of self actualization”.  


A person might move on or just end up dealing with the things, whatever suites his mind and heart but is utmost important for every human is to start a new beginning. Let it be a new day, a next week, a new month or a new year, it’s perhaps a new beginning which everybody should look to. 
“People in the Hall of Fame tend to clap their hands and say, ‘OK, I’ve done it all,’ but for me, it was a new beginning”.     – Jimmy Cliff


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