When called Internet Art or Net.Art. ButWhen called Internet Art or Net.Art. But

the internet was a big hit around the 1990s, this was a big deal for everyone,
but it also helped a lot of Digital artists become more skilled and helping
them become more noticeable. It allowed artists to begin learning new mediums
which involved combing words, images, audio and video files.

The internet helped create a new type of
movement in some people’s eyes which was different from Digital Art, this was
called Internet Art or Net.Art. But it was usually linked with the Digital art
movement which was getting bigger and bigger because of the advantages of the
new technology which was being created and developed.

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The internet was a
great help for people to speak and communicate easier which allowed the artists
to come together and easily create work all from their own computer screen
which was impossible for artists in the past as they could never communicate or
interact with other artists around the world.