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When school was finally over, Jake ran up to Joel. “Hey Joel there’s something I want to tell you.” ” Um, un I gotta go, I don’t have time, I need to catch the bus.” ” Dude I have to tell you something,” Jake said. “Whhhhhat!” Joel yelled. “Do you remember the 20 dollars that you owe me and you said that you will pay me back the next day, it’s been 2 weeks already and you still haven’t paid me yet. So give it to me no,.” Joel ignored Jake and walked to the sidewalk.”Hey Joel, I’m not trying to be mean or anything but you have to give it back.””Guess what, I don’t have it so forget it!”” You can’t just do this. I have to pay my share for a gift for my parents and I need the freakin money.” Jake said feeling like half crying.”I definitely gave it to you two weeks ago and you forgot.” yelled Joel.”No you did not! You just said that you didn’t have it,” said Jake.”You have mental problem Jake!” Yelled Joel as he ran to the street.Jake stood there thinking. What a damn idiot, why was I even friends with him if that was his personality. Now I have to sell my fidget spinners to William to get 20 dollars. But I’m still not gonna let that stupid idiot get away with the 20 dollars. Now I regret buying that stupid xbox one with my own money and I don’t even really have time to play it. I could have had hundreds of dollars if I didn’t make that stupid purchase. Later that day, Jake got his descent fidget spinners and sold them to William. Jake got 25 dollars after selling them. Jake gave Vanessa the 20 dollars. “Thanks Jake,” Vanessa yelled as the ran down the hallway to the door. Jake sat there thinking about how he will get back that 20 dollars from Joel. For two days, Jake thought on how to deal with Joel. Jake saw that Joel and his family were moving. He knew that because there were a few boxes outside and a moving van. Joels parents were downstairs. Jake still didn’t understand how his best friend changed into a jerk in only two weeks. Did he get influenced by someone all of a sudden? Jake walked into Joel’s apartment since the door was open. He saw that Joel was playing around with some crazy people. What the heck is wrong with them? I hate these kinds of stupid people. I’m definitely gonna go punish them. Jake walked over and started yelling. It took them about 10 seconds to get off their game and fooling around to listen to Jake. ” Why the hell are you in here? get out NOW,” yelled Joel ” You psycho, NO!, you still owe me that 20 dollars and I’m not giving up till you give it to me, I know you are moving so I will get them now.” Screamed Jake.”Who is he”, One of the jerks said. ” Nothing, and I don’t owe you anything so you maniac get out now.”” We’re gonna freakin kill you” the jerks said without even knowing the situation between Joel and Jake.” You know I am gonna GET THEM NOW.” Jake yelled as the ran out of Joel’s apartment and slammed the door, he heard that Joel and his stupid friends went back to playing right away and laughing. Jake ran back to his apartment and looked around in the storage room of his own apartment and got out the titanium crowbar. Then he walked back to Joel’s apartment and slammed open the door of Joel’s apartment and yelled, ” GIMME THEM NOW OR I WILL WRECK YOU!” One of Joel’s stupid friends tossed a soda can at Jake, they must have not realized that Jake was holding a crowbar because Jake swung the crowbar at the soda can and it flew back at Joel’s friend, it hit the friends face hard and exploded, it reddened and he fell on the floor. All of Joel’s friends froze and felt a lot more powerless. Jake lifted up the crowbar again and said “That’s what happens you weirdos,” then Jake pushed Joel to the side and opened their backpack, it was full of cash. Jake quickly grabbed a hand full of cash and ran out of the apartment. When he ran back to his apartment he locked the door. Jake thought  “I need a new best friend that is a good person that doesn’t fool around all day and studies well.”After about a minute, Jake went out to see what happened to Joel, he snuck back into Joel’s apartment. They didn’t seem interested in chasing Jake. Instead Jake saw that the jerk that just got hit by the soda can was crying and all over the floor embarrassed. Most of the Joels friends were gathered around him trying to talk him out, ish. Then one of Joel’s friends saw Jake and said, ” Why don’t you…” – Slam! Jake slammed the door and ran out. That was the last time he was in Joels apartment.For the next few weeks Joel moved away, Jake thought that he might try to see Joel again when he grows up or in the future, maybe to punish him, well maybe. Jake tried to get a new good best friend. And he most likely found one.