When purchase i made i just keptWhen purchase i made i just kept

When i purchase a stock market i look for the potential it has and how the stock market will grow when im in control, throughout my stock market journey i purchased NIKE Inc. that has a share of 60.99-1.27 (2.13%) this company has a very high clientele when it comes to their brand, not only are you paying for a pair of shoes or a simple workout outfit you’re also paying for the brand name and or a company that hasn’t been around that long founded in 1964 has been a big hit sports store, another purchase i came across is Coca-Cola Bottling Co. with shares up to 225.20-6.32 (2.89%) coca-cola is a very delicious soda you can enjoy with and meal you eat or pick also coca-cola is also has been known for quite a while when it was found in 1892 in Georgia, and my last successful purchase from stock mart is Puma AG Rudolf Dassler Sport Co. with a share of 376.25-0.85 (0.23%) last but not least Puma a designer brand founded in 1948 was a big hit at the grand opening as people enjoy buying their comfortable sport shoes.The method i always went with while purchasing my stock companies is the shares, the shares can be very important to someone whos willing to buy the company and see the company grow with no problems only success, another method i follow is how the company is doing budget wise and how their keeping their company on the good side of the charts on the stock market. Observing the stock markets can be a challenge but not hard, you always want to make sure the company isn’t going down hill and the numbers are staying nice and high for any purchase someone wants to make on them cause you always want the company to be center of attention always and how i observed is by making sure the stock market stays on that good side.I wouldn’t have chosen them better expect one company that has lost a little bit of love throughout the years from customers, every since i purchased the company i’ve seen the company go down hill and how i would change the purchase i made i just kept hoping the company would come back together. Purchasing a company from a stock market can save you even from retirement because still owning that company you can still get paid because the company hasn’t left your hands, now if you gave up that company before retirement can be difficult because that company is not owned by you anymore therefore you don’t get your share in the pay. Anything can be available within that company if the company is treated well by the workers and the head owner of the company, always staying on tasks with that company can always be work just for the Co owner, making sure the company doesn’t come to a downfall more availabilities can be offered. Completing the stock market game i learned that it’s not always going to be a piece of cake, being and Co owner to the company is a lot of work just on its own and managing any issues or dislikes people put out there can impact a huge deal on the company itself and that’s a big hole to dig out of but always managing that company and making sure it’s not a downfall gets you more salary pay in your pocket.