Which will only harm the parent financiallyWhich will only harm the parent financially

Which gender is harder to raise?

Raising children is a challenge all parents face. For parents, children are a gift from god and they try to do everything they can to provide the best for them. Each parent raises his or her child in their own distinctive way and it’s never easy to raise a child. Each gender requires different upbringings and responsibilities but, boys require more energy and are harder to raise. Although it’s a great responsibility and a heavy task for parents to raise boys or girls, there is some evidence that boys are harder to raise.
Opponents of boys being harder to raise than girls claim that girls grow up to be less confident and more insecure than boys and that affects the parents as they have to confront her and of course it bothers them to see her go through this phase. However, this is a problem that a girl can overcome over time and doesn’t have a strong effect on making it harder for a parent to raise her. 
Mothers also often think that because a girl has more needs and possibly does more shopping than a boy, then she is harder to raise but, this cannot be a reason as to why girls are harder to raise than boys. This reason will only harm the parent financially which can also happen to parents of a boy. A boy may also have a lot of needs and may also fancy shopping. Another reason opponents claim to be true is that girls get highly emotional and this could affect the parent and make him/her feel despondent, but this is fixable over time as the girl can overcome this melancholy phase overtime. Also this problem is occurrent for boys as well and it can sometimes be even harder for a boy’s parents because boys tend to hide their feelings and be more reluctant to show how they feel, so the parent feels powerless because the boy refuses to share. 
Scientists have proven that boys do not hear as well as girls. It is proven that girls’ hearing is more sensitive which means they pay attention to more sounds than boys, and the verbal centers in their brains develop quicker than boys. This happens in the early years of a child and this attributes 

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to the evidence of why girls are more likely to respond better to discipline strategies such as warnings and do’s and do not’s. Also, during the toddler and preschool years, boys tend to be less verbal and more impulsive which also adds to why girls have more discipline than boys. Discipline plays a huge role in making it easier for a parent to raise his or her own child. (Spencer)
The developmental differences mentioned above have been proven to contribute to the disorders that boys are diagnosed with, such as ADHD and ADD. Compared to girls, boys represent the larger population with these disorders. People may wonder why these disorders would contribute to why boys are harder to raise. (Spencer) ADD and ADHD are both disorders that contain attention deficiencies in which the child isn’t able to stay focused on one specific thing like schoolwork, conversation, etc… ADHD has symptoms such as hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Both disorders make it difficult for a parent to instruct a child or make him attentively listen or look at something. (Legg) A mom of four boys, ages 5 to 12 says, “Im constantly fighting to keep my house a home rather than an indoor sports court.” This would rarely be an issue in a home of four girls. Boys always want some sort of activity or movement and the mother or father may not always have the energy in keeping up with that hyperactivity and alertness. Also, boys tend to be risk takers, wanting to experiment out of the box and different things. They often like the outdoors so you will find them going out more than girls and that leads to the mother worrying and overthinking of the possible things that could have happen to her boy. Whether he’s a fully grown man or a preschooler, the mother will always worry about him. 
In conclusion, boys require more patience and tolerance more than girls. From the birth of a boy it is known that his hearing is not as good as a girl’s hearing and this highly affects his discipline. Disorders such as ADD and ADHD are presented through boys more than girls and that acts has an obstacle in the raising of a child. Lastly, a boy’s hyperactivity and his nature of being a risk taker highly influences the easiness of rising a boy and makes it ten times harder. It is not easy 
to raise girls but, having four girls may be easier than raising one boy on his own. It is a matter of raising a fine, gentleman; in that case it’s hard. However, if a parent is just raising a boy to grow up and be nothing then in this case it might be easier.  Girls go through phases that may be hard for parents  but, eventually they go away, however, boys will always be boys and their nature is never going to change.