Why what my all- time idol wasWhy what my all- time idol was

Why learn another language other than English

   Reaching my hand to
the bus, exit door, I alight to this new town. Every person seems busy to catch
the appointment door before the next second wears off. The EFFIEL tower can be
seen in the horizon to my left. Then in the brink of an eye, someone taps my
back. I turn to meet to meet the tall dark executive. Yes, he looks familiar. I
can see the lips moving. He is actually mumbling some words, however I cannot
make head or tall of what he is saying.

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Before retaking my breath from the shock, a crowd swarms
around us. The buzz is enormous. Etoo! Etoo!..I love you Etoo! Someone shouted
from the crowd. At least I could understand that. Well, that is actually my
idol. Hey D, wake up. The boss needs the assignment! Essie, my research
assistant was at my desk.

Well I woke up to the reality. It was a quick nap by my
office desk. However the thought of me not understanding what my all- time idol
was saying to me could not leave my mind. I may have just lost a diamond gift
wrapped in a golden- wear. And here I seek the importance of learning another
language apart from English.

Yes, before it’s done, it’s always the elephant in the
house. An enormous task. Getting out of the comfort zone is the ultimate begin
of success ways. Learning another language is a doorstep to many opportunities.
When did you meet a group of visitors at your local restaurant trying day long
to request for a meal? What of the guy you met at the airport seeking
direction?( Well if you really understood it). These are just part of the
opportunities for a new job. A translator, a tour guide. Even more necessarily,
you may find yourself changing careers. My god friend Tonny, a scientist has
found himself working as an Engineer in Chin hung construction company building
bridges in Kenya. He translates what the Chinese Engineers instructions to the
locals. He had to learn mandarin Chinese to get this gourd of riches. His
cousin Mike is a surveyor at a Japanese dam construction site in Kirinyaga.
Well, Mike had a background in teaching. Thanks to Ofwata who compelled him to
enroll in a minor Japanese language back in college. So why shouldn’t I enroll
for French classes? I will definitely understand what Etoo says to me at the
bus park.

For you who is not interested in Chinese, Japanese or
French, What do you say about Spanish? Or should I say Latin. The soap opera
airing in your screen often provide proper company to talk with. You will better
understand what Alejandro is saying- (“vamos mi amor” – come on my love). It
feels superb to hear it in Spanish. What about speaking it. Incredibly intoxicating.
Asked Lorna about it. She has been called by Ngugush Television Network in to translate
‘Cosas Buenas’ to a local Swahili language. It will be airing soon.

 Well apart from
understanding the different cultures, learning another language not only expands
one’s knowledge out of the country’s border but also provides easier access to
work travel and live elsewhere. The earth is all ours, learn the ocean’s
language and live with the natives there. We live to co-exist. Learn some new language,
have fun, travel easily and be successful.

 So where are you taking
your French classes?