With al. [3] classified the IoT attacksWith al. [3] classified the IoT attacks

With the increasing popularity of IoT, the security issues and threats are also increasing. A huge number of the researcher working to minimize and prevent those security issues. To prevent the security vulnerabilities and attacks in IoT system the first step is to classify the different attacks in different categories and then implement a security system to prevent the attack. As IoT is implemented by using different modern network technologies (WSN, RFID, Internet etc.) for this reason it is required a proper categorization of the attacks and threats, so that a better security system can be developed and implemented. {3} Different scholars classified attacks in different ways. Some may have classified them as per architectural layer whereas some classify them as per attacks type. Also, some of them classified them attacks on the specific device basis. However, maybe their categorization is different, but the attack is almost same everywhere.

Andrea et al. 3 classified the IoT attacks in four distinct classes: physical, network, software and encryption attacks. Physical attacks are mainly focused on the hardware components of an IoT system. To attack the system attacker, need to be physically close or reside within the system. Whereas for the network attack attacker need not be closed on the system. It mainly manipulates the network system of IoT network for damage. Software attack makes the security vulnerabilities of IoT system. It exploits the system by the attack of trojan horse, worm, spyware or any other malicious activities. Due to these types of activities, it can steal information from the system some time it may damage the devices also. Encryption attack breaks the encryption scheme of the system and attacks the system.  Man-in-the-middle attack, cryptoanalysis attack etc. are varieties of encryption attack. {1}

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Xu Xingmei et al. 6 defines security problem covers in each layer of IoT system.  In the perception layer, the main threat is the RFID and WSN security. Many types of attack can happen in this network such as replication attack, channel blocking attack, flooding attack etc. Consequently, in the network layer, the common security attacks are the DDOS attack, middleman attack, heterogeneous network attack etc. Finally, in the application layer, the security challenge is to provide user privacy for information protection, prohibit illegal access to the database, prevent information leakage of system etc.

Weizhe Zhang et al. 5 also explains different type of threats for the different architectural layer of IoT. In the perceptual layer the node resource is limited, a versatile network topology and distributed organized structure is present but still, it has some security threats like brute force attack, routing attack, clone node etc. the main security concern of network layer are DoS attack, data attack or session attack. Whereas in application layer security attack can be done by privacy leak, malicious activities or social engineering.