With cotton waste · Cement from riceWith cotton waste · Cement from rice

With all these types, it is necessary to develop and convert, most importantly utilize the agricultural wastes for biofuel production that can fulfill the unmet demands of electricity and other fuel needs.

As India is pre-dominantly an agrarian country, produces different kinds of crops ranging from plantation, agricultural and fiber crops. The wastes of the produce is left either for burning or cattle feed. But, these wastes and residues still contain some bioenergy and can be utilized further for fuel production. Some of the different kinds of agricultural wastes are as follows –

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Types of Agro-waste –


Agricultural Waste is unwanted or unsalable materials produced wholly from agricultural operations directly related to the growing of crops or raising of animals for the primary purpose of making a profit or for a livelihood.

Some examples of agricultural waste include:

·         Grape Vines

·         Fruit Bearing Trees

·         Vegetables

·         Date Palm Fronds

·         Activated carbon from coconut shell

·         Bio fertilizers

·         Carpet from cotton waste

·         Cement from rice husk

·         Coconut shell powder

·         Crude oil bleaching for petroleum jelly

·         Fatty acid from waste vegetables

·         Fuel briquettes from agro waste

·         Furfural from rice hull/husk

·         Hard board from bagasse

·         Hard board from rice husk

·         Kraft paper from bagasse

·         Kraft paper from waste carton boxes

·         Kraft paper from waste paper (paper waste recycling unit)

·         Ossein and gelatin

·         Oxalic acid from rice husk

·         Paper cones & tubes

·         Paper from rice husk & wheat husk

·         Paper waste recycling plant (paper mill)

·         Paraffin wax from slack wax

·         Particle board

·         Pectin from mango peel

·         Pectin from orange peels

·         Plastic granule from waste

·         Plastic granules or powder from plastic scrap

·         Plastic waste recycling plant (rufia washing)

·         Polyester yarn from waste

·         Power plant (hydro based)

·         Production of bio oil for power generation from coffee husk

·         Re-refining of used engine oil

·         Reclamation of nickel spent catalyst from Vanaspati industry

·         Reclamation of used bleaching earth

·         Reconditioning of empty cement jute bags

·         Reconditioning of fluorescent tube

·         Reconditioning of picture tube

·         Recovery of gold from p.c.b & other electronic waste

·         Recovery of lead from disposed lead acid battery

·         Recovery of silver from waste

·         Recovery of silver nitrate from photographic waste fixer

·         Recycling of rubber from old tyres

·         Recycling of waste cellulose acetate into cellulose acetate sheets

·         Recycling of waste cellulose from baby diapers, panty liners/ feminine napkins manufacturing

·         Rubber goods from waste rubber

·         Rubber reclaiming

·         Rubber reclamation (reclaim rubber)

·         Secondary lead extraction by scrap battery plates, pipes & sheet

·         Silicon from rice husk

·         Silk waste processing and spinning

·         Silver extraction from waste hypo solution (x ray film and cinema film)

·         Sodium silicate from rice husk

·         Technology of products from wastes industrial, agriculture, medical, municipality, organic & biological (hand book)

·         Toluene and sbp from crude naphtha

·         Tread rubber

·         Utilization of coconut husk in manufacturing of rope

·         Vermicomposting

·         Zinc and copper sulphate from brass ash

·         Zinc metal from zinc ash


Agricultural wastes do not include items such as:

·         Trash

·         Plastic

·         Rubber

·         Garbage

·         Tires

·         Pallets

·         Oil Filters

·         Broken Boxes

·         Chemically Treated Wood

·         Material Containing Asbestos

·         Packaging Material and Boxes

·         Pesticide and Fertilizer Containers

·         Construction and Demolition Material

·         Ornamental or Landscape Vegetation (e.g. Grass, Weeds, and Tree Trimmings)

Any Other Material Produced in the Packaging or Processing of Agricultural Products Orchard or vineyard waste or any other material, generated as a result of land use conversion to nonagricultural purposes is not agricultural waste.