With statistics are very alarming. A farmWith statistics are very alarming. A farm

With a population of 160 million, widespread poverty, poor infastrucre, three major rivers and proximity to sea level, many argue that Bangladesh is the planet’s worst climate change crisis in the making. This is true. Water is a principle resource and the people have adapted to live by it and use it. Fishing and agriculture are what most of the population depends on. Three of the world’s most major rivers deposit over a billion tons of sediment of water in the Bay of Bengal. Now the reason that Bangladesh is effected so much by climate change is because of the melting Himilayan Glacier in the north and rising Indian Ocean in the south. The government provides very little help to the inhabitants so they have to fend for themselves. “The effects of climate change on this country is seen and felt daily… floods used to come every 10 years, now we see floods every 2 years” (Runa Khan, Understanding 2016). To combat these floods, residents will make dikes out of sandbags. They provide little protection, waves will rise over and flood the farmland. This makes the land salty and unable to be cultivated. This makes the economy suffer. In addition to the farmland, the water makes most land inhabitable. This forces much of the population to live in a dense area. 85 percent of the land is susseptible to flooding… Due to global warming, up to 70 percent of its surface could be lost by 2050. Between 20 and 40 million people would find themselves with no solid ground beneath their feet, (Understanding 2016). These statistics are very alarming. A farm could be around for a few years and then the next day it is flooded. It is sad to see how some people need McDonald’s everyday and got through the drive thru while the Bengali are happy to have a bit of rice and some solid land. When I was in 7th grade, a kid moved here from Bangladesh. Little did I know he would become one of my bestfriends. He told me Bangladesh was being flooded constantly, but had no idea it was that bad.