Within the population. My local area is

Within this report I am going to be
looking at my local area and studying the

facts, figures and statistics in
relation to health and wellbeing. I shall be carrying this out by looking at what
factors affect the people in my local area, identifying what these factors are,
how these factors come about and what problems these factors cause. I shall be
looking at what my local area is doing to try better the health and wellbeing
of the population. My local area is Pudsey which is a small market town within Leeds.
The population of Pudsey, according to the 2011 UK Census is 22,408 people. It
is probable that one of the factors which cause ill health and ill-being within
Pudsey is poverty, another I believe could be overpopulation which could then create
an offspring of problems for example lack of education, oversubscribed schools
and health services. Additionally, other factors could be obesity in both
children and adults, smoking and alcohol addiction. Factors like these tie in
with theories, one of those is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this is a theory in
psychology which is a five-tier hierarchical model. It shows different levels someone
has to go through to be able to live a fulfilled and healthy life. The first
two levels are the basic needs, according to Maslow within the journal article
by McLeod, S. A (2017) ‘(1) Biological and physiological
needs – air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex, sleep; (2) Safety needs –
protection from elements, security, order, law, stability, freedom from fear’. Poverty
is one of the factors which can affect these levels, as poverty could stop someone
having their basic needs like food, drink, shelter and sleep. This then leads
to not being able develop to the second stage. This can all effect a person’s
health and wellbeing.

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describing health and wellbeing in a holistic way, it is explaining health as a
whole including physical, mental, emotional and social factors of health. By
doing this it looks at the background of a person’s health and what different
types of influences can affect a person, for example the environmental and
lifestyle. Within this research I shall be looking at these different factors
and see if they effect the health of the people within my area. The positive
definition of health and wellbeing is the explanation of health in a positive
light. It explains health of an individual’s where they’re achieving and
maintaining a healthy and positive lifestyle with good nutrition, being
physically fit and a good state of mind. The definition of negative health and
wellbeing on the other hand is the Focuses on an individual’s health and
defines it to be ‘absence of an illness and disease’ (UTA, 2017).
Which means an individual believes that they are of a good state of health when
there is no physical illness, injury or distress. Usually the individuals with
this view do near to nothing to maintain a good state of body and mind.


Pudsey there is a high rate of deprivation, Pudsey is ranked 20% as the worst
deprived within the United Kingdom. Over 150,000 people in Leeds live in areas that
are ranked amongst the most deprived 10% nationally, and this represents over
20% of the city’s population (Leeds Observatory, 2017)  

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