Work on a regular basis ishighly recommended.Work on a regular basis ishighly recommended.

Work motivation is a technique used to encourage and inspire workers to perform theirjobs thoroughly and well.Work motivation is done by owners, managers and other employees ofa company, complimenting and encouraging employees. But what can a manager do to do thisthing in the best way possible, firstly I need to be honest, respectful and a supportive manager.Then, transparency is an important factor too; having insight into how business is going makesmy employees more invested so to make a point to share this data with them on a regular basis ishighly recommended. Another thing is their needs, what do the workers want, instead of tryingguessing what’s most important to them, actually it is better to sit down with them and find outwhat they value and if they have any need. Another way I can encourage employee loyalty at mycompany is to offer any one-time annual bonus or an hourly rate increase for each year anemployee stays on board as a team member. But even if I can’t afford to offer a regular raise Imay consider leveraging more flexible scheduling or time off for team members with seniority toshow my appreciate of their years of service.Stress is overwhelmingly prevalent in modern society. Sleep deprivation, poor health,relationship woes and financial concerns can all take their toll, but however the number onecause of stress according to Statistic Brain is work related pressures.In order to reduce stress inthe workplace, it’s important that managers lead by example. As a leader it’s critical for me tokeep a lid on my own emotions; don’t let negativity, anger or stress rub off on myemployees.Sometimes people need 15 minutes to relax, re-group and disengage from technologyand general work related interactions. Providing a quiet room or a chill out zone whereemployees can spend 15 minutes with their thoughts can dramatically help to reduce workplacestress and eventually burnout. Also, employees spend a lot of time with their co-workers andtherefore it’s important they get along. The more people enjoy their time at work, the better theatmosphere will be. At least once a week I’m supposed set aside an hour to bring all my teamtogether in a fun environment; play a game, go out for lunch or arrange for a motivationalspeaker to come into the office.