Working They include: picking who to workWorking They include: picking who to work

   Working As A

Who is a freelancer? A freelance worker or a
freelancer is someone who works on his own and is in no way committed to one
employer for a long-term contract. Freelancing is a fast and easiest way to
earn online income while sitting at the comfort of your home. Working as a
freelancer has many advantages which people who are work as an employee in a
company don’t have. They include: picking who to work for, working for people
all over the world, working at their own time and convenience, etc. watch out
for my next posts on the advantages of working as a freelancer and the tools
needed to succeed.

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Great websites where you can work as
freelancer include:,,,,,

Services you can render as a freelancer
include: graphic design, article writing, social media marketing, website
designs and development, branding services, whiteboard animation video, data
entry, voice over, presentation design/pitch deck, etc.

Solving Online Surveys

One of the increasing easy ways to make money
online recently is through online surveys. It involves filling out surveys
online at your own convenience. There are many research companies out there
looking for new members to recruit who will assist in answering surveys and
testing new products and providing reviews.

Although the pay may not be too high, it can
help get a cup of coffee. Here are few survey paying websites that you can give
a try:, the panel station, The Opinion, Opinion Outpost, etc. a simple
google search could help you get  more survey

Working As An Affiliate

You may or may not have heard about affiliate
marketing, but it is one of the best way to earn a full-time income online. This
is not as easy as some other online income as it requires patience and time to
be able to see results. First, you have to have a website, good social media presence,
and the willingness to invest little cash in paid advertisement like Facebook
ads campaign, Google adword, bing ad, and other classified ads websites.

Affiliate websites where you can sign up for
free and start promoting products with high commission are,, Amazon,,, Awin networks, etc.


Domain Flipping

Just like house flipping, domain flipping involves
buying a domain name with the intention of selling it later at a price higher
than the original cost. It is profitable to buy domains that have commercial
value and listing it for sale on websites like

There are many websites where you can
research and buy domain at a very cheap rate, such as,,, whogohost, etc.

Many new businesses are springing up with
each needing a new website and domain name. You can take advantage of that to target
specific niche and purchase domain names that are good enough, then approach
the businesses and sell your domain name to them.

Selling Of Photographs

Are you aware that those pictures you took
for fun and leave stored in your phone gallery could earn you some few bucks
online? Well, now you know!

By uploading nice creative and unique images
on stock image websites like istockphoto, shutterstock, fotolia, etc., you will
get paid for every of your picture that got downloaded/purchased.

Sign up with these premium stock photo
websites today and start uploading the pictures of your vacation, the zoo you
visited, museum, beach, forest or an event that your recently attended. You’d
be surprise how much you could earn with the pictures you take.


This is popularly called Multi-Level
Marketing (MLM). It is the type of online business that is similar to affiliate
marketing but a little bit different and more rewarding. You can earn money through
the commission you get from selling products as well as recruiting new members
to join the marketing trend. This allows you to also make money from the sales
made by your downliners.

This is not a Ponzi scheme or quick cash
money that requires no effort on your own side. No, you have to work and convince
others to work as well. Your commission from the people who joined the marketing
business only comes when they make sales.

Look for a product that your friends can
pick interest in and spread the news.

Writing And Publishing Of Kindle Ebooks

Do you have what it takes to put together a fiction,
non-fiction or practical guide on how to do anything? Great news is that, you
can actually make money writing and publishing your own book.

Look for a common problem that you can
provide a DoItYourself guide on how to solve or do anything and write about. It
could be “How to create Facebook ads”, “How to create a WordPress website” or
anything that you are capable of researching and writing that will interest
people and add value to their life.

Ensure you don’t price your book too high. You
can earn up to 70% commission for every purchase of your eBook on Amazon Kindle

Hire the service of an expert to get you a nice
cover design for your book if you cannot do that, and encourage users to leave sincere
reviews when they make purchases.

Also ensure that you thoroughly proofread
your book and get another pair of eyes to look through it. Books with grammatical
errors are always faced with negative reviews which affects the sales volume
and profit margin.


Another goldmine in the world of online
income is owning a blog and populating it with unique and quality content that will
keep readers glued and coming back for more. There are different ways of making
money through blogging; you can embed Google Adsense code on your website, sell
your affiliate products through your blog, sell sponsored posts, charge to have
reviews published on your blog about a product or service in your niche, or use
other advertising platforms that operate like Google Adsense such as Ad Maven, Infolinks,
RevenueHits, Chitika, Adversal, Clicksor, Interllinks, PopAds,PopMyAds, PropellerAds
Media, etc.

Create YouTube Video Tutorials.

This is another means of earning income online
in the long-run. It is as simple as creating engaging video contents in a
specific niche, about things that will add value to people and posting them on
YouTube. Create a YouTube channel and post your videos there. You can have
Google Adsense on your videos, which means that each time people click on displayed
ads when they are watching your videos, you get paid.

Note that this requires some kind of patience
and investment to be able to see results. You will have to do some kind of
promotion to let people see and view your videos.

Establish Your Own Online School

You can make money online by being a virtual tutor.
Engage people on one-on-one teaching sessions with topics you are an expert in.
It could be an educational course, a language, a career course/counselling, or
maybe a game.

You can use PayPal to receive money from your
clients. It may take time to prove your expertise, but once you have been
established, it will become a lot easier.

In all of these, you need to have strong
social media presence as this will help you in gaining new clients through referrals
and recommendations from friends.

Get Paid Writing Articles

Have you heard that people can actually make
full-time income working as freelance writers? There are lots of request for article
writers who can deliver quality and unique articles.

This may not pay you in bulk but constant
flow of work will translate to constant flow of income. Sites like
offers writing opportunities to people who can create engaging and quality
contents. There is no competition here, it is only your ability to meet the
writing skill set and delivery time.

You can build your writing portfolio by providing
free articles to article directories like Good thing about writing
is that, it is very diverse. You can venture into article writing, resume writing,
email writing, product descriptions, creative writing, eBook writing, legal
writing, etc.

Another great advantage with writing is that
you can source for clients by messaging businesses through their website and offering
to provide them with steady quality content. You might choose to write free
sample articles for them.