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    xThe deep control of the government and attempting to survive is extremely difficult but is control with drugs and family values even worse? In Huxley’s novel, Brave New World, he explains how drugs can be used against its citizens in a horrible way. The processes of aging, birth, and death represents how terrifying a world could adapt to a negative phenomenon. Aldous Huxley, Government control, Helmholtz and the Savage will be analyzed. Aldous Huxley the author was born in Surrey, England, 1894. “At Eton, which I left at seventeen owing to an affliction to the eyes which left me practically blind for two or three years..” (Huxley 268). The cause of the blindness forced him to halt all his work in the writing field. The aftermath of the temporary blindness also preserved his ability to become the doctor he always wanted to be. Huxley graduated from the University of Oxford with honors in English literature. Before he died he requested to his wife that he be injected with a dose of LSD to sooth the pain of his Laryngeal cancer. The first theme seen in the novel was control. The government used plenty of tactics to attempt to have control over every single citizen. One method was the use of soma and how the citizens would take it if they were experiencing an emotion that would distract them from happiness. Soma or also known as carisoprodol is a drug that blocks pain between the nerves and the brain and is also used as a muscle relaxer. In the novel, Carisoprodol is legal and is encouraged by the government to be taken by the citizens so they do not see the corruption acquired by the government. “Swallowing half an hour before closing time, that second dose of soma had raised a quite impenetrable wall between the actual universe and their minds. (Orwell 22). The citizens crave soma and expect it to solve all their problems at the end of the day so they do not have to experience reality. Helmholtz is seen as a big main character in the novel. He is an alpha lecturer at the college of emotional engineering. “I feel as though I were just beginning to have something to write about, like I’m beginning to be able to use that extra power inside me” (Huxley 185). Once Helmholtz starts to rebel he does not turn back. Helmholtz gets into trouble from reading an unorthodox rhyme to his students at his college. He is glad that he has found a voice he can use to teach his opinion. Even though he gets into trouble he is still happy he can give the students a little bit of rebellion and teach them about the horrible government.The Savage, or also known as John, is also another very important character in Brave New World. In the novel, the conceptions of music and rhythm with sex and violence are seen continuously. “But her perfume still hung about him, his jacket was white with the powder that had scented her velvet body…Impudent strumpet, impudent strumpet” (Huxley 64) John wishes he was striking Lenina because he is afraid of how much she’s really changed. He thinks that hitting her with a whip would help him somehow fall in love with her. Lenina and John’s relationship is a small theme scene commonly throughout the book. In the end of the book, sadness was felt for John and what he had to go through because of Lenina. Overall, a government that has complete control over family values is not right at all. All of the citizens are too doped up with Soma to realize how inappropriate the control is. Whether it’s drugs or baby cloning in test tubes, it will still cause a lot of emotional distress to plenty of the citizens. “Words can be like X-rays if you use them properly — they’ll go through anything. You read and you’re pierced.” (Huxley 70). Huxley wants his words to affect his reader in a passionate way. It also helps warn people that science is dangerous if used in the wrong way and can dramatically hurt a big population. Maybe Helmholtz is secretly telling people that it is happening right now in reality without the world knowing. 

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