Yash different segments like;power and water,oil andYash different segments like;power and water,oil and

Yash Babel                                                                            Nr albumu: 304574                                  PUBLIC AND PRIVATE ORGANIZATION


              Public  and Private like features of a chosen organization.

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                   Chosen organization. – General Electric Company .

 General Electric(GE) is an American multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Boston,Massachusetts. It is ranked among the ‘Fortune 500’ as it is the 13th largest company in U.S by Gross revenue. As of 2012,the Firm was listed the Fourth-largest in the world.This  conglomerate industry was founded 125 years ago on 15th april,1892 as a public industry. GE is now producing aircraft engines,Electric motors,Gas,Health care(s),Oil,Locomotives,Software,Water,Weapons and Wind turbines and it is served worldwide.Due to the vast size and variety of its operation,Ranging from aircraft engines to kitchen appliances,GE is regarded as the bellwether of the U.S economy.The company is generating a revenue of US$ 123.7 billion(2016).I have chose this organisation because being public it has some private features involved.




Regulary changes its organisational culture to ensure positive conditions of electric lighting,energy and oil and gas for the society.

To transform industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are responsive and predictive.

Management committee organise programs to educate public about health,human rights and public violation.

The Company consolidated there shares into different segments like;power and water,oil and gas,healthcare and transportation etc. With different share prize.

GE works with other government and small public organisation as a partner to handle commercial success of their goal(s).

GE  do commercial lending and leasing to different industries served by GE industrial business like structured equity ,debt,leasing,partnership financing,project finance and commercial aircraft financing and leasing.

Giving a huge amount of subsidies and working in more than 40 countries throughout middle east,latin America,West Africa etc. To bring out peaceful changes and to make prosperous society.

Selling everything in more then 180 countries to private investors,costumers and to government like ; engines,gas,oil,transportation,healthcare and there un-used assets.