You sitting on the chair or lyingYou sitting on the chair or lying

You cannot become famous or successful without any practice.
It is no secret that you have to work hard and deliberate practice to be on
top. If we go through the success stories of famous personalities like Kobe,
Mozart, Picasso and others, we will notice that they did not achieve success in
a day. Before becoming famous they have invested time and hard work. There is
one theory which suggests that we require 10,000 hours practice to create
master piece or be successful.

Famous psychology professor John Hayes did an experiment. It
made a list of 500 famous compositions which were played all over the world. And
he came to the conclusion that the most of the masterpiece came after 10 years of
composer’s career. So, it is clear that we require at least 10 years of
practice and hard work to create our masterpiece. Same with the Mozart, his composition
become famous after 10 years of his work.   

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Kobe Bryant, the famous basketball player also starts his
practice session from 4 in the morning. The more you work and more you get

How we can learn from these famous personalities?

You have to work hard to develop the habit or have to
practice regularly to get something great.

Always remember there is no shortcut for success, you have
to invest time and hard work.

How to practice deliberately?

One thing at a time

Practice one thing at a time so that your
work can get undistributed attention and focus of yours. 

Be positive, even in negative circumstances

10 years is a big time, may be you won’t
taste any good success and it can decrease your motivation.  Don’t fell dishearten. If you are doing hard
work of course you will get your rewards. Don’t get negative about the situation,
think in that way that it will give you great success after so much of practice.

Step out of your comfort zone

You can’t lose weight just sitting on the
chair or lying in the bed, you have to get up and start exercising. Do things beyond
your abilities, because we can do much more. 
We have seen that the routine of the famous people is very different then
us, they wake up early in the morning, sleep early and many more. Don’t feel
lazy to do something, just start doing.

Don’t afraid of making mistakes

Mistakes teach you lessons, and these
lessons are for life long. Never afraid to take steps; never think that your
work is not good enough. Be unique and keep practicing, one day you will definitely
come with the great idea.

Surround yourself with the people who can help

We know that environment forms the person. So,
it’s necessary to surround yourself with the people who are like mentor to you,
you can help you to move forward.