Zeus his children because of one. ZeusZeus his children because of one. Zeus

Zeus has been known as the ruler of all gods. Before he could even be born his father, Cronus, was planning to eat him. Cronus ate his five other children, in fear that one of his children would seize power from him. Zeus’s mother, Rhea,  saved him but giving him to his grandmother, Gaia. Gaia hid him in a cave on Mount Dicte and raised Zeus there. When Zeus gets older, he plots revenge on his father. He defeats his father and other titans in a long ten year war. Zeus has many children with immortal and mortal women.In the story of Zeus, finding out his father ate all of children out of fear is ridiculous. Why be so afraid of a child, if Cronus is extremely powerful. Also why is Cronus choosing to kill the lives of all his children because of one. Zeus posing as Cronus’s waiter and then poisoning Cronus to get him throw up, was extremely clever. Zeus knew that he wasn’t going to defeat Cronus by himself, he would need some help. Now all of titans not choosing to fight with their brother, Cronus, is disloyal. Being the titans, shouldn’t they stand side by side no matter how afraid they were. It seems ironic that an Oracle sent by Cronus’s mother, Gaia,  would tell Zeus how to win the war. Considering the fact that Gaia gets mad at Zeus for the mistreatment of her sons, the titans, and sent against to destroy Zeus. Gaia shouldn’t have help Zeus win at all. Maybe she just wanted her son, Cronus, to be overthrown. The term used to describe Zeus, “king of kings”, is perfect. Many of the gods were feared and treated as kings but even the gods feared Zeus and labeled him as the master. Zeus “made sure that his reign-unlike this of his father”, he is being hypocritical because he did the same thing (Zeus.pdf). It is said that Zeus was married to Metis, characterized with wisdom and science. He swallowed her while she was pregnant, in fear that she would give birth to child more than him. This is no different than his father, the saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, is very true in this comparison. It can be understood why Zeus wanted to have many children. Did he have to them with so many different women? He could have just had a lot of children with one wife. Guessing that he wanted to produce many offspring with different talents and powers. Zeus overused his power to continue his legacy. Zeus has a jealous side, those males who had beauty, he would kidnap and make them his private waiter. Even though Zeus was all powerful and known as the ruler of the universe. Zeus definitely had many flaws like infidelity and jealousy. With power, comes corruption and arrogance. This story about Zeus, gave more incite into how the almighty came to be. Also learning about how Zeus rules and what he did, helped me understand some of the current movies about Greek mythology. After reading this, I can relate it back to the “Percy Jackson and the Lighting Theft” movie and understand most of the story line.