Zoey being a relative to Creon. CreonZoey being a relative to Creon. Creon

Zoey LiepoldBliesnerEnglish 10 P61.29.18 In the play Antigone by Sophocles, Creon qualifies as a tragic hero by showing how human behavior can change after misfortune from past mistakes. First of all, Creon’s tragic is that he won’t listen to anyone, the fact he has too much pride, that he is unbelievably stubborn, and won’t make exceptions for family. Creon undoubtedly has power over the city, ¨Think how we´ll die far worse than all the rest, if we defy the law and move against the king’s decree¨ (Springboard 74-76). Antigone punishment will be far worse due to her being a relative to Creon. Creon states, ¨Such a man is the very worst of men- and always will be. And a man who thinks more highly of friend than of his own country, well means nothing to me” (Springboard 205-208). This quote relates to the fact that is narrow minded and onl views and rules what is considered ¨best¨ to him and not his own family. Later on choices are come to be made, but it is too late after realizing he is doomed. Teiresias prophecy tells how Creon is doomed & will not to be able to fix the rippling effects of his choices. Teiresias after telling how he had received a bad omen had announced how foolish one actions can be (indirectly talking about Creon), ¨All men make mistakes- that’s not uncommon. But when they do, they’re no longer foolish or subject to bad luck if they try to fix the evil into which they’ve fallen, once they give up their intransigence¨ (Springboard 1139-1143). Having that said, more or less, translates to if a person gave up their negative outlook/view and fixed their mistakes fortune would later come, unlike the intolerant king. Finally, Creon has an epiphany and realizes his pride doesn’t let him effectively deal with his conflicts. His pride lead him to be a tragic character in the first place. Creon before he realizes his rippling effects, ¨Aaiii- mistakes made by the foolish mind, cruel mistakes that bring on death. You see us here, all in one family- the killer and the killed¨ (Springboard 1106-1109). Heamons death is now his fault and he is fully aware, Haemon loved Antigone, and Antigone simple wanted to honour her brother. With Creon choose to kill Antigone lead to the death of Haemon (which is suicide). Eurydice finds out that her son, Haemon, is dead. Eurydice then kills herself over the loss of her son. The ending of Antigone left Creon miserable, his wife and son dead, Antigone dead, the city of Thebes turned against him, and Tiresias laughing at him for not listening to his prophecy.